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Prior to using Marketing, DragonFly AI’s Sales reps were primarily responsible for generating new pipeline—relying on direct email outreach to manually contact leads. As DragonFly AI looked to scale, the Performance Marketing team was expected to grow and optimize their lead generation efforts. The teams needed a full-scale solution that would empower their teams to work together even more cohesively. With tighter alignment, they could add additional Marketing power to the sales cycle.

Before exploring Marketing, Xie’s entire digital advertising workflow was a manual, multi-step process. “I would create a list of leads in Sales, organize that list in HubSpot, and then find a way to export that to LinkedIn ads, which could sometimes create bottlenecks,” Xie explains. The team was looking to consolidate its tech stack, so they could optimize this process and work more efficiently.

DragonFly AI’s Performance Marketing team was also in search of a tool that allowed them to curate highly targeted lists at the contact level with person-level precision that could maximize ROI for their digital campaigns. Xie said, “Having an accurate data source would empower us to more precisely target our ads as well as our organic content. We wanted to have a data source that could be audience-based rather than list-based.”

“Marketing helps us segment our audience, so that we’re only targeting contacts that will become the most qualified leads.”

Sean Xie

Head of Performance Marketing at DragonFly AI


Bringing on Marketing in addition to its existing Sales licenses has enabled DragonFly AI’s Sales and Marketing teams to align more closely. Now they can work swiftly towards their common goals of generating more leads and increasing revenue.

“While our sales team is working in Sales, with just the click of a button, they can let us know which of their accounts needs aircover. Once alerted to these requests in Marketing, we can instantly populate buying committees by moving key stakeholders into a specific campaign, aligning direct Sales outreach to our LinkedIn ads”. With both teams working together on the same audience, they move prospects along the marketing and sales funnel.

In addition to creating AirCover audiences, Xie shares that the advanced filters and Buyer Intent Signals have been instrumental to refining their audiences. “Marketing helps us segment our audience, so that we’re only targeting contacts that will become the most qualified leads,” said Xie.

Marketing has also helped give time back to Xie in his process. “We realized that it’s actually better to feed the information directly into LinkedIn, without even needing to worry or look at the individual leads. As a marketer, it is a very useful tool to create the audience that I’m looking to target or serve,” shares Xie. “By eliminating the back and forth between technology platforms, we save nearly 5 hours every week.”

Through the incremental amounts of time saved over the entire process, Xie can focus on continuing to optimize the process–creating multiple audiences daily that he uses for LinkedIn ad experiments.

“I can try varying types of ads, creative images and videos with each of the audiences. From a Marketing performance perspective, it truly helps the efficiency and effectiveness of our workflow,” said Xie.

The Results

Marketing has empowered DragonFly AI with the ability to optimize its workflows, drive greater efficiencies, and save Xie’s team on time and resources.

“I think the most important feature that Marketing provides for our team—especially for the performance marketing function—is its ability to allow me to seamlessly create and export the audience I want to go after. I can just quickly create a list of contacts I want to target and then export them directly to LinkedIn ads,” Xie says.

With these new efficiencies in the Performance Marketing process, tighter Sales and Marketing alignment, and improved workflows, DragonFly AI is set up for success as it launches its U.S. expansion efforts in the coming year. Xie looks forward to driving lead generation efforts with Marketing and creating more innovative LinkedIn ads with hyper-focused audiences that will continue to increase marketing qualified leads.

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