Added and updated 273,000 direct dials to their CRM



Like most organizations, ConnectWise was dealing with a constant influx of data flowing into its CRM from different campaigns and webforms. To optimize its efforts and maximize inbound conversion rates, ConnectWise turned to ZoomInfo Enrich.

ConnectWise was in search of a data provider that could append its inbound leads with accurate and complete information in real-time, as well as aid in on-going data hygiene efforts and support its sales team with accurate and complete account and contact information. As part of its vendor evaluation, ZoomInfo ran a complementary data analysis on ConnectWise’s legacy contact database.

“The results speak for themselves. It was the proof of concept that gave us confidence – especially when it came to the match rates for the data points most important to us, including company revenue, company size and website domains, which we use to determine whether or not a lead is qualified,” explained Rick Collins, Senior Marketing Systems Analyst.

We’re qualifying leads faster than ever. We have all the information we need up front, including fields like job titles and company size which are not included on our webforms.

Rick Collins

Senior Marketing Systems Analyst


Initially, ConnectWise had planned to use ZoomInfo Enrich to update and append inbound lead records from webforms supporting its eCommerce product.

However, after noticing an immediate uptick in quality leads, the team decided to expand ZoomInfo Enrich across their entire portfolio of products, including their premium and enterprise solutions.

“With ZoomInfo’s automatic lead enrichment supporting our inbound efforts, we’ve been able to reduce the number of fields on our web forms—and at the same time, we’re qualifying leads faster than ever. We have all the information we need up front, including fields like job titles and company size which are not included on our webforms,” explained Collins.

The Results

ConnectWise is not only using ZoomInfo to optimize its initiatives in real-time, but the company is also using the platform to organize, clean and complete its legacy CRM.

“We had data in our CRM and marketing automation platform that was horribly inaccurate, from job titles to contact information, it was all bad,” stated Collins. To combat this, ConnectWise uses Enrich to match ZoomInfo’s data against companies and contacts within their CRM to update fields with out of date, inaccurate or missing information.

“ZoomInfo Enrich has updated and appended 273,000 direct dials and 361,000 email addresses within our CRM. As a result, our sales team has been able to connect with prospects faster and eliminate tedious manual research,” Collins stated.

“The information we get from ZoomInfo not only fuels our sales prospecting efforts but it allows us to run highly targeted and successful ABM campaigns,” Collins explained. Of the 455,000 contacts Enrich matched to within ConnectWise’s CRM, ZoomInfo was able to add job titles to 94% of those contacts, and job functions to 60% of the contacts.

“We now have a much better understanding of our customer and prospect base, and Marketing can confidently segment their campaigns, ensuring they are targeting the right audience with the right message,” Collins explained.

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