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Data is the lifeblood of modern business and today’s most innovative companies are dedicating vast amounts of time and resources to ensure the business data and insights fueling their workflows and systems are enriched, unified, and reliable. Just ask Ksenia Kouchnirenko, VP of Business Systems at Momentive.

“My team is responsible for the organization’s strategy for key processes, as well as the underlying data and technology being used to drive efficiencies,” explained Kouchnirenko. “It’s our responsibility to think through the data streams and processes that are being leveraged by each department to ensure the organization, as a whole, is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

In 2020, Momentive’s Sales Tools and Strategy team moved under Kouchnirenko as part of the organization’s effort to centralize all systems and processes under one roof. As part of this, Kouchnirenko’s team took ownership and responsibility for the organization’s Salesforce ecosystem.

“At that time, I tasked my team with running a thorough audit of the sales team’s processes, technology and data sources to determine areas for improvement and further investment. That evaluation called attention to a number of roadblocks and inefficiencies that were stemming from disconnected systems and siloed data sources,” explained Kouchnirenko.

In order to overcome these operational efficiencies, Momentive needed to implement new processes and systems that could drive data-driven workflows and provide maximum visibility into all opportunities and activities within their Salesforce ecosystem.

“Thanks to ZoomInfo, we no longer have to question the source or reliability of the data in our systems. We’re now able to enrich and integrate data in any workflow, in real-time, at scale.”

Ksenia Kouchnirenko

VP of Business Systems at Momentive


After running an extensive evaluation on all of the data enrichment platforms and products in their existing ecosystem, Momentive identified ZoomInfo as the lead contender. “We cut ties with several data vendors and opted to expand our relationship with ZoomInfo,” explained Kouchnirenko. “Rather than looking at them as just another vendor in our tech stack, ZoomInfo has become the single source of truth that drives and automates our go-to-market engine.”

“ZoomInfo’s Operations Data Management Suite arms us with the technology and data to match, unify, dedupe, normalize, cleanse, enrich, score and route data through a single source of truth,” explained Kouchnirenko. “We’ve created a seamless and effective system that enables us to eliminate inefficiencies and automate work streams so our sellers can focus on what’s most important.”

“Many of the data enrichment tools that were previously in our tech stack were point solutions which lead to more data silos,” explained Kouchnirenko. “ZoomInfo is different because they are a one-stop-shop that provides us with the data and the technology needed to orchestrate that data.”

The Results

With Operations, Momentive’s marketing and sales teams now have an advanced end-to-end data hygiene and routing system in place which has led to greater speed-to-lead and increased conversion rates.
“One of the most noticeable differences we’ve seen since expanding our relationship with ZoomInfo, is in regards to lead scoring and routing. In the past, it would take 20 minutes for a lead to pass through our enrichment and validation checks. Today, with ZoomInfo, it’s instantaneous, all those checks are happening in parallel to one another. Leads are now in front of our sales reps in less than 60 seconds,” explained Kouchnirenko.

“Thanks to ZoomInfo, we no longer have to question the source or reliability of the data in our systems. We’re now able to enrich and integrate data in any workflow, in real-time, at scale.”

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