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Chili Piper strives to push the productivity and innovation envelope, and so it came as no surprise when it took a closer look at its own sales and marketing processes to create efficiencies that would keep innovation—and pipeline—growing.

With the majority of Chili Piper’s revenue coming from inbound efforts, the team was in search of new ways to streamline and automate the lead capture process. The most efficient way to build pipeline, the sales team decided, would be to optimize landing pages to increase form submissions.

“We invest heavily in paid advertisements, so it’s important that we do all that we can to maximize ROI from those campaigns,” explained Scott Haney, Revenue Operations, Chili Piper. “We knew that less form fields results in greater submits—but at what cost?”

At the end of the day, ZoomInfo serves as the foundation of our sales and marketing initiatives. And in terms of ROI from ZoomInfo? Upwards of 3x.

Scott Haney

Revenue Operations at Chili Piper


In most circumstances, more form fields means gathering more valuable data. However, if you list too many form fields, the time required for manual data entry and the invasiveness of asking for more details often results in an increase in form abandonment rates. On the other hand, if you list too few fields, you end up settling for being less informed about your prospects.

“We thought we had to choose between quantity or quality—but then we learned about ZoomInfo’s FormComplete solution,” said Haney. ZoomInfo’s FormComplete solution makes it easier than ever to keep forms short while also keeping you in-the-know by appending all the data you need to accurately score and route leads.

Thanks to FormComplete, Chili Piper has been able to optimize their landing pages and webforms to maximize results. “Since implementing FormComplete, we’ve been able to reduce the number of form fields from seven to three and in doing so, we’ve seen a 26% increase in conversions,” explained Haney.

“With FormComplete we’re increasing conversions and also supercharging the amount of information we receive on those leads. It’s a win-win — without the compromise”, said Haney.

The Results

With ZoomInfo helping to optimize form conversions and maximize data enrichment, Chili Piper’s sales team can now target, convert, and market with heightened efficiency. “ZoomInfo’s lead enrichment and database maintenance solutions are doing the work behind-the-scenes to get us all the information we need to ensure our sales team receives a clear, complete picture of the leads they’re working.”

“With ZoomInfo supporting our lead generation efforts, we’ve been able to streamline form submits, maximize conversions and optimize our lead scoring and routing process. Our sales team is seeing higher quality leads and they’re primed with all the information they need to quickly connect with leads using personalized and customized messaging,” explained Haney.

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