ZoomInfo WebSights reveals your anonymous website and landing page visitors so that your customer-facing teams can take immediate action.

  • Increase Website ROI

    Your website is one of your most important assets. Resources are spent producing content, building landing pages, and increasing traffic, yet most of your website visitors are unidentifiable and failing to generate much revenue. ZoomInfo’s WebSights can fix that.

  • Export and Prioritize Outreach

    Export newly-revealed website visitor data to Google Analytics or ZoomInfo’s Advanced Search where you can rank them based on your Ideal Customer Profile settings. Export company records from Advanced Search to your CRM or MAT.

  • Save Time & Automate Repetitive Actions

    With ZoomInfo’s Workflows feature, set different types of triggers that you want ZoomInfo to look for in your WebSights process before performing certain actions. For example, “if visitor views product page, create Company in Marketo,” or “if visitor views pricing page, create Contact in Salesforce.”

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  • 63M+ Direct Dials
  • 100M+ Direct Emails
  • 4.3M+ C-Level Contacts
  • 4.9K+ Company Attributes
  • 31K+ Technologies
  • 100M+ Companies

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