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Give your Candidate Pipeline a Promotion

Learn more about how ZoomInfo Recruiter helps recruiters find and pair the best and brightest candidates with companies who need talent the most.

  • Source Qualified Candidates

    As a recruiter, you need to know who to reach and how to reach them. ZoomInfo Recruiter offers talent acquisition professionals 360°sourcing intelligence, including:

    • Contact information: Mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses
    • Candidate details: Job functions, titles, and years of experience
    • Roles & responsibilities: Department org charts, technology skills, and professional certifications


  • Increase Diversity Within Your Talent Pool

    With SmartFilters, recruiters and talent acquisition teams can build more inclusive searches to support diversity and inclusion within the hiring process.

    • Source candidates by ethnicity, gender, and veteran status
    • Quickly add SmartFilters into a candidate search from the dashboard
    • Save diverse candidate searches to continuously surface top candidates and add to Projects
  • Connect Faster with Native Autodialing and Email Tools

    With ZoomInfo Engage, recruiters can build multi-touch email and phone cadences that automate candidate outreach. Personalize candidate communications at scale:

    • Add candidates to sequences — on-demand or in bulk
    • A/B test messaging to candidates
    • Prioritize outreach based on candidate engagement

“I’m finding more aligned candidates on here as opposed to LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn Recruiter will pull in other folks that look like a fit... but on ZoomInfo Recruiter, I’m finding a lot more of the specific roles I’m looking for.”

Alex Martinez, Amazon Recruiter

  • Build Pipeline as You Recruit Candidates on LinkedIn

    Our Chrome extension is a virtual rolodex for your team to reach passive candidates:

    • Export candidate information from LinkedIn searches
    • Capture candidate contact information while browsing LinkedIn profiles
    • Find candidate contact information directly from company websites
    • Integrate data into your recruiting technology stack
  • Stay Connected to Your Target Industry

    Get the latest insights that reveal real-time hiring opportunities within your market, including:

    • Funding rounds
    • Product launches
    • Executive changes and company insights
    • Online search and consumption patterns
  • Organize and Collaborate On The Hiring Process

    Gain visibility into the hiring process across your organization. With Projects, your team can organize open roles and potential candidates:

    • Source candidates for a Project with ReachOut Chrome extension.
    • Customize a Projects candidate pipeline
    • Attach multiple talent pools to a Project


ZoomInfo Recruiter connects directly to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Talent CRMs and other channels and technologies staffing professionals and hiring managers need to source ideal candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions about
ZoomInfo Recruiter

  • What candidate information is available to recruiters in ZoomInfo's database?

    The information available to recruiters on ZoomInfo’s platform allows them to 1) identify and connect with potential candidates faster, 2) always reach their intended audience, 3) recruit more passive candidates, and 4) access deep company insights. More specifically, ZoomInfo’s recruiting database includes:

    • Professional and personal contact information (email addresses, mobile and business direct dial phone numbers)
    • Location
    • Employment and academic history
    • Job function
    • Management level
    • Professional certifications and accolades
    • Company size
    • Annual revenue (including growth rates)
    • Department size
    • Department org charts
  • How does ZoomInfo maintain its recruiting database?

    How do we attain our data, and how do we make sure it continues to be accurate? All of these are valid questions, and ZoomInfo has a diverse portfolio of data sources and a system of checks and balances that ensures both the quality and quantity of information available to recruiting professionals. The process includes four different practices:

    • We have a vast contributory network: Our community network of voluntary contributors is large, and growing every day, adding new information and validating the accuracy of our existing database.
    • We use proprietary machine learning: Automated machine learning constantly scans corporate websites, news articles, SEC filings, job postings, and other sources for information about industries, locations, revenues, and much more.
    • We use human research and verification: Our human research and development team works to verify algorithm performance, enhances information about contacts, findings, and conferences.
    • We use third party expert partners: We use trusted third party sources to supplement our automated data aggregation in order to extract information from public companies, merger and acquisition activity, government data sources, and social media feeds.
  • What are best practices for engaging passive candidates?

    Active candidates are easy to recruit because they come to you. So what about passive candidates — the ones who aren’t actively looking for a new job, and who may not even know that your organization exists, let alone that you’re hiring? With ZoomInfo’s robust candidate database, recruiters and hiring managers can incorporate best practices for reaching even the most passive candidates, including how to easily:

    • Conduct candidate research: Find out as much as you can about a candidate before you even reach out to them. Make sure that their skills and work history would make them a good fit for your company and culture.
    • Stress the career opportunity: Someone who isn’t actively seeking a job change is going to be harder to convince than someone who is. A new job is a major life change — and most people won’t be willing to do it unless there is real opportunity to grow in their career/improve the quality of their life.
    • Stay updated on industry news: Staying on top of industry news can help you identify potential candidates that arise out of things like acquisitions, mergers, layoffs, and other things that would cause employees to leave a company.
    • Ask the right questions: As is probably clear, passive candidates require a different approach than active candidates, which means you should be inquiring about different things. For example: what was the most fulfilling job you’ve ever had, and does your current position measure up? This approach can make the candidate reflect on their current position and identify any shortcomings.

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