Streamlined Data Orchestration and Activation.

Automate data-driven Go-to-Market motions with no-code data orchestration, net new data discovery, and activation.

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Automated, Hands-Off Data Cleansing

Unify, transform and clean your data according to your unique business requirements.

  • Identify, remove, and prevent duplicates as you normalize and segment data in an automated cleansing process.

  • Free your teams from the burden of ineffective manual data management and tedious, time-intensive spreadsheet.


Streamline Your Enrichment Efforts

Unify first and third-party B2B data with existing data in real-time, on-demand, or in batch

  • Enrich new and existing records with ZoomInfo data and a variety of third-party data sources to increase data accuracy and completeness.

  • Integrate any 3rd party API-based data source available on the ZoomInfo Exchange.

  • Integrate with cloud data warehouses to enrich your CRM with first party data.

Contact and Company Search

Tap into our Data to Build your TAM

  • Using your ICP criteria, search the ZoomInfo data cloud to build target contact and account lists.

  • Ingest target lists in bulk back into your CRM.


Discover Related Contacts and Companies

Automatically build complete customer profiles

  • Discover new records that are connected to existing or incoming data.

  • Expand buying committees, find related companies, competitors, and more to complete your customer profiles.


Monitor and Act on Key Events

Track changes in your data and take action on those changes.

  • Set up triggers to track key events, or changes, in your GTM database.

  • Take targeted actions on data changes, like notifying sales reps via Slack or email and discovering new data related to these changes.


"With ZoomInfo, we have all the information we need up front.

We’ve been able to reduce the number of fields on our web forms—and at the same time, we’re qualifying leads faster than ever by appending fields like job titles and company size which are not included on our web forms."

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