Integrated Data Quality Management.

Build engagement ready data with comprehensive data quality management and multi-vendor enrichment.

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Automate Data Enrichment from Any Source

Access More and Better Data with Multi-Vendor Enrichment

  • Build more complete data with automated enrichment.

  • On a field level, assign data sources as primary, secondary, and tertiary. Create conditional rules to determine which sources are called on and in what order.

  • Integrate any first and third party API-based data source available on the ZoomInfo DataExchange and through cloud data warehouse integrations.

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Ditch Manual Cleansing & Enrichment

Get an integrated cleansing and enriching solution

  • Dedupe, normalize, and segment data in a 360-degree cleansing process before enriching records to achieve accurate, augmented, and actionable data.

  • Identify, remove, and prevent errors in company and contact records at scale.

  • Ditch spreadsheets and other manual, error- prone processes to clean and enrich GTM data in real-time, on-demand, or in batch.

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Connect to the ZoomInfo DataExchange

Discover, acquire, and ingest data from leading data vendors

  • Fuel revenue operations with accurate and robust 3rd party data.

  • Ingest the 3rd party data sources of your choice into cleansing and enrichment tasks.

  • Browse and connect to ZoomInfo and the 60+ other API-based data vendors available on our DataExchange catalog.

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“I get to be the hero at my company because I’m able to route leads quicker and cleaner

and my CFO feels comfortable that she was able to purchase software at a price that she felt comfortable with.”

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