• Start Selling to Companies When They Want to Buy

    ZoomInfo’s Streaming Intent Data helps your business capture spikes – or signals – in web activity from companies searching for your business in real-time. But what does that mean?

    It means that you get notified the second there is a significant uptick in internet searches across a company for solutions like yours. Imagine what that could do for your business…

    With ZoomInfo’s Streaming Intent, your organization can save time and make more money by:

    • Prioritizing sales outreach to companies that are ready to buy
    • Interacting with prospects earlier in the buyer’s journey to build trust that won’t be present with later stage vendors
    • Triggering automated campaigns that warm up prospects for your Sales team to call
  • What is the Difference Between “Streaming Intent” and “Real-time” Intent?

    Most intent providers say they provide “real-time” intent, but what they actually do is gather intent data in real time and deliver it to their customers in batches — once a week. And while that is sort of helpful, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to engage with prospects or customers while they are actively searching for information. By the time you hear they’re showing interest, you may be too late to influence their research or purchasing decisions.

    With Streaming Intent, ZoomInfo alerts your team, in real time, the moment a new intent signal is detected so they can strike while the iron is hot! Plus, our Streaming Intent is integrated with the ZoomInfo platform, so we also save your team time by suggesting contacts to reach out to based on your ideal customer profile.

  • What about Data Privacy?

    You may have heard that impending data privacy concerns and regulations will soon lead to the phasing out of cookies. This is going to have a huge impact on digital marketing — particularly for intent providers and advertising platforms.

    But we have good news! Our Streaming Intent is future-proofed. We have a cookieless approach which allows you to access detailed intent data while protecting user privacy and complying with privacy regulations.

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