ZoomInfo and Google Cloud - Get Accurate Foundational Data.

With the combined powerhouses of ZoomInfo and Google Cloud, organizations get instant insights from their data — securely, at scale, and within minutes.


Leading Data Platforms Combined

Unlock your data assets’ performance and scalability

Adapt to your data needs at scale with ZoomInfo and Google Cloud. Combine extensive worldwide B2B data coverage with robust security, governance, and reliability controls.


Innovative Partnership

Thousands of joint customers can now directly and securely access our company and business contact data within Google Cloud and eliminate data decay. See how you can leverage this today.

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How data practitioners can accelerate sales and marketing wins

Without a single source of reliable truth that’s well-integrated into data tools and widely accessible by sales, marketing, and customer success teams, your enterprise won’t get the full value of its data. As a result, you can miss out on revenue-generating opportunities.

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Expedite Go-to-Market insights with data sharing via Analytics Hub

  • Eliminate resource-intensive B2B data ingestion processes by subscribing to ZoomInfo Data Cubes within Analytics Hub.

  • Combine ZoomInfo’s premium global B2B data and powerful data processing capabilities with your Google BigQuery assets.

  • Give your sales and marketing teams a competitive edge with actionable insights — delivered within minutes.

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Get maximum mileage from your Google Cloud data

  • Power your go-to-market strategy in Google Cloud with data attributes — from contacts and companies to hierarchy and technographics.

  • Create a unified customer view — in one place — within Google BigQuery.

  • Capture, unify, enrich, analyze and share customer insights in your Google Cloud data workflows.


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