May 30, 2024 | 12:00 PM

Strike AI Gold: Introducing ZoomInfo Copilot

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A Virtual Event

Sell Smarter. Win Faster.

AI in sales has over-promised and under-delivered for years. That changes now. ZoomInfo Copilot is our new AI-driven solution that will revolutionize the way you sell. 

Join us May 30 at 12pm ET for a virtual event: Strike AI Gold: Introducing ZoomInfo Copilot, hosted by senior ZoomInfo executives. 

Copilot automates your Go-To-Market strategies across teams to make every seller your best seller. It combines your data with ZoomInfo intel and applies AI to pull out the best B2B nuggets of gold. Copilot gives your teams the unfair advantage to focus on the best accounts, with more time to sell smarter and win faster.


  • Evolution of GTM: With Henry Schuck, Founder & CEO of ZoomInfo
  • Strategic Partnership Driving GTM Success: Interview with Calen Holbrooks, VP of Global Marketing, ZoomInfo, and Godard Abel, CEO of G2
  • How ZoomInfo Copilot will revolutionize GTM teams: With Tessa Whittaker, VP of Revenue Operations
  • Navigating GTM Intelligence: With James Roth, ZoomInfo’s Chief Revenue Officer & Toby Carrington, Chief Business Officer at Seismic

Strike AI Gold: Introducing ZoomInfo Copilot