DemandGen Report: 2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey

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Find out how data quality is sales and marketing results

Knowing how B2B organizations are managing their database and contact acquisition strategies could open your eyes to your own engagement strategy. In their annual survey, DemandGen Report highlights companies’:

  • Database goals
  • Tactics for acquiring prospect and customer data
  • Challenges in maintaining data quality in contact databases
  • Obstacles in implementing data acquisition strategies
  • and more

47% of survey respondents say that their database strategy needs serious improvement.

Buyer engagement expectations are on the rise, so having database management strategies are critical. And that pressure is having marketers turn to more sophisticated data strategies. In turn, organizations aim to mature data acquisition strategies to better analyze buyer insights and decisions to achieve their targeting goals.

Download the survey and report now to learn about goals, tools, and strategies organizations have to leverage data and fuel their go-to-market strategies, including:

  • Common tactics for data collection and validation
  • Pain points and challenges for maintaining data quality
  • Changing budgetary resources for ongoing data management
  • Marketer’s desires for intent data, timeframe for buying decisions insights.