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Workfront is a modern work management platform designed to connect people to work and accelerate organizational success across the enterprise. Workfront provides SaaS technology and expertise to help the modern knowledge worker know their work matters and empower modern executives to connect their people to their greatest opportunities.

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The Challenge

Today, just about every sales organization is dealing with a range of data management issues. From having too much of the wrong data to missing critical information in the right data sets (i.e., key contacts with out-of-date phone numbers), costly data challenges are omnipresent. Workfront knew this all too well.

While Workfront’s sales leadership was able to maintain a steady flow of contacts, their database was growing outdated and stagnant due to an increase in erroneous data. Faced with a decline in productivity and revenue, sales leadership needed to revamp their data strategy and invest in a more intelligent platform.

“My teams were losing way too much time on calling the wrong contacts. We had a data problem,” reflected Justin Hiatt, Vice President of Digital Sales at Workfront. “The accuracy of our direct dial phone numbers was dwindling fast, and my team complained about not having anyone to call. Something had to give.”

Efforts to improve the team’s account-based selling approach came to a standstill. The culprit? What else but ineffective data. Moreover, since the team’s current data solution didn’t integrate well with Salesforce, time was lost on manual upkeep.

At this point, the team decided to shift over to ZoomInfo’s B2B contact platform.

The Solution

Following an extensive contact analysis with other vendors, Workfront quickly realized the power of ZoomInfo’s solution. To start, the team used ZoomInfo’s ReachOut Chrome extension to help with their accountbased selling process.

The reps noticed an immediate increase in sales effectiveness during their prospecting process. “ZoomInfo’s ReachOut extension integrates with LinkedIn and does a superb job in providing valuable information during our search for both accounts and contacts. Overall, it’s increased our effectiveness for research and sourcing,” Justin explained. As a result, the reps were able to append even more contact information than before.

“ZoomInfo performed four times better than the others. The improvement was radical.”

Before long, Workfront’s sales efficiency increased and their database expanded.

The Results

The sales team’s productivity and growth reached new heights with ZoomInfo. The reps were actively saving time during their workflow and prospecting process. Thanks to the ReachOut plugin, the team was now cutting their account sourcing in half.

“With ZoomInfo, we more than doubled our activity; and our efficiency skyrocketed. Since then, we’ve grown our pipeline over 90% per year,” explained Justin.

With ZoomInfo, we more than doubled our activity; and our efficiency skyrocketed. Since then, we’ve grown our pipeline over 90% per year.

Justin Hiatt,
Vice President of Digital Sales, Workfront

In correlation with productivity, Workfront has witnessed – and experienced – the significant growth of their database. ZoomInfo’s up-to-date contact information made a substantial difference by filling in their missing phone numbers. On the reps end, this increased their monthly direct dials.

“Now, our reps have at least twice as many direct phone numbers per account – averaging more than twice as many people that they can reach directly,” stated Justin.

The team continues to see record-breaking results from their systematic (and timesaving) outreach process.

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