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A platform that helps modern sales organizations set and execute on a cadence of phone, email, and social communications so they can convert more target accounts into customer accounts.

Industry: Information Technology

The Challenge

SalesLoft’s sales team wanted to increase their conversation volume, but needed help scaling their direct dials to make it happen.

Prior to partnering with ZoomInfo, SalesLoft used an internal data provider and only had access to direct dial information for 10% of their contacts. If SalesLoft was going to continue to help modern organizations become more efficient, effective, and successful, Erin Bush, SalesLoft’s Head of Sales Operations, realized it was time for a change in their own sales process.

“Before partnering with ZoomInfo, we lacked direct dials, ran into gatekeepers, and frequently hit messaging systems. It just wasn’t working. In our business, where there is a heavy emphasis on direct dials, we were faced with a major roadblock.”

The Solution

After a free trial, it was clear ZoomInfo’s contact data was the missing piece to support SalesLoft’s prospecting needs.

SalesLoft had heard of ZoomInfo in a competitive landscape and decided to trial the product. As a recommended best practice, SalesLoft provided a list of prospects to see if ZoomInfo had the most accurate contact information – most importantly, direct dial phone numbers. SalesLoft found that with ZoomInfo’s direct dials, they could reach 4x more of their key contacts.

“ZoomInfo’s direct dials were the main reason we chose to partner with [ZoomInfo],” explained Bush. “With access to ZoomInfo, we now have the most accurate contact data at our fingertips, and no longer have to deal with inaccurate numbers or gatekeepers.”

In addition to having access to the most accurate contact database, the SalesLoft sales team has utilized the ReachOut plugin for initial prospecting. A big initiative for the sales team in 2016 was to move from lead focus to account-based focus. Now, with this plugin and integration, SalesLoft can identify their best buyers and contact those accounts without changing their current workflow.

The Results

With accurate contact information, SalesLoft has saved time and increased their connect rate significantly.

With ZoomInfo, sales reps were no longer calling into an organization to find the right person or wasting hours prospecting online. Each rep got an hour back in their day, saving the organization over 54,000 minutes a year in prospecting.

“ZoomInfo makes it incredibly easy to enrich our target accounts with contact data right from within Salesforce,” said Sean Kester, VP of Product Marketing at SalesLoft. “This makes the rep workflow more streamlined, thus increasing engaged selling time.”

Additionally, by using the world’s most comprehensive B2B database of direct dials, SalesLoft was able to increase their connect rate by 3x.

“With ZoomInfo, we were able to bypass the gatekeepers and reach decision makers much faster,” said Bush. “For us, it’s more about talking to the right people and ZoomInfo has helped us accomplish that.”

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