About The Company

Salary.com is the leading consumer and enterprise resource for compensation data, software, analytics and consulting. For nearly 20 years, their enterprise software has helped companies manage their compensation expenditures with real-time, decision-ready data and analytical tools.

Industry: Human Resources

The Challenge

Six years after Salary.com was acquired by a private multinational technology organization, the company was sold back to its founder and CEO. “It was an exciting time, we had the opportunity to start over and build from the ground up,” explained Frances Hayes, Director of Sales at Salary.com.

For Salary.com this meant re-evaluating the tools and services within their existing sales stack. “Under our previous ownership, our sales reps had been using ZoomInfo, but as we went through this reset, it was important for us to re-evaluate all our processes and partnerships—and that included ZoomInfo.”

The Solution

After assessing various data providers in the marketplace, Salary.com found ZoomInfo to have the most comprehensive database of contact and account data. “In the end, it was clear that ZoomInfo was the best fit for us. As a data company, we put a premium on good, reliable and accurate data that is easy to access and use—and that’s exactly what we found with ZoomInfo,” said Hayes.

ZoomInfo’s contact data and sales intelligence platform has helped Salary.com’s sales reps spend more time selling and less time researching. “When your sales reps have the ability to access direct contact information within their Salesforce and LinkedIn workflows, that is a huge win for productivity,” said Hayes. “Our sales reps turn to ZoomInfo before making any calls or sending any emails. The database is an integral part of their day-today workflow, and they’re inclined to trust the data because they see the results first hand.”

The Results

Salary.com was in search of a tool that would provide their sales team with direct contact information. What they ended up with was a comprehensive database that allowed them to scale prospecting efforts, shorten their sales cycle and increase revenue.

Nearly a year after their organizational reset, Salary.com increased their new business bookings by over 31% and experienced a record-breaking 4th quarter. Much of this success was driven by a targeted vertical focus which concentrated on the Healthcare, Financial Services, IT and Manufacturing segments.

Whether our sales reps are searching for contact information or prospecting accounts for their set territories, ZoomInfo is their go to tool.

Frances Hayes,
Director of Sales at Salary.com

“ZoomInfo’s demographic and firmographic data is key for us; it allows us to target the right titles and industries. And with accurate contact information, we’re able to make live connects with these accounts,” said Hayes. “Whether our sales reps are searching for contact information or prospecting accounts for their set territories, ZoomInfo is their go-to tool.”

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