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Prodoscore™ is a software solution that measures a business’s most valuable asset: its people. By providing never before seen visibility into employee engagement, rooted in data and digestible in seconds, Prodoscore’s Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) platform helps support a flexible work environment and ensures accountability. In a world where employees require flexibility and employers need accountability, visibility from Prodoscore ensures the two don’t conflict. Actionable insights keep leaders better informed and better prepared in order to accelerate success.

Industry: Software Development and Design

The Challenge

In order to continue their growing success, Prodoscore knew they would need to find ways to engage and target the right people at specific organizations at the right time. With accurate and actionable data, their teams would be able to find these key prospects, and drive greater revenue faster and more efficiently.

They began searching for a new tool that would optimize go-to-market motions, and improve productivity and time management issues that the teams were facing. “We were using a small competitor to ZoomInfo at the time, but we couldn’t get accurate or good technology data. The cleanliness and accuracy of the data wasn’t where we needed it to be for our teams,” said Mike Perrone, Chief Revenue Officer at Prodoscore. “We needed a platform that could integrate more seamlessly with our CRM and other tools that our reps use in order to drive efficiencies across the organization, and we knew having data that was more accurate and accessible was going to be essential.”

From a Marketing perspective, Prodoscore wanted to be able to run successful campaigns and decrease their bounce rates on emails. Historically when searching for prospects they would consistently hear similar feedback such as, “they haven’t worked here in two years”, “they took on a new role”, or “Unable to Deliver”. Nadine Sarraf, Chief Marketing Officer, added that, “We knew we needed to adjust some of these tools for our teams in order to be successful. It’s hard to put a value on data because it allows for greater opportunities, and for us it really fine tuned Prodoscore’s go-to-market strategy.”

The Solution

Since partnering with ZoomInfo, Prodoscore has been able to drive efficiencies across their organization through automation, accurate data, and a unified tech stack powered by the best go-to-market intelligence, intent data and account insights. “I’ll never forget when we started using ZoomInfo data, our open rates went through the roof. The data was so much cleaner, and the Salesforce integration allowed our reps to do their jobs efficiently and perform at a higher level than before,” said Perrone. Prodoscore works with a variety of industries such as Staffing, Logistics, Legal, Technology, and Government, and they needed a technology in place that could find specific data points within those industries. “The breadth of ZoomInfo’s data puts us in a position to be able to track prospects that we can actually work with because they usually have specific technologies that they work with that we need to be able to tap into,” added Perrone.

With the near immediate ROI Prodoscore saw with ZoomInfo, they recently implemented additional ZoomInfo solutions including Chat, WebSights, Intent, and Workflows. Prior to implementing these tools, Prodoscore was monitoring and tracking visitors to their website manually. Now with WebSights and Intent working together, Prodoscore can build on Workflows that automatically sync everything into Salesforce and run drip campaigns. “We’re able to craft messages that resonate with our target audiences and market to people who are actually interested in what we offer. It was very easy to set up, and knowing that the automation and engine is working for us is really exciting,” said Sarraf.

Adding ZoomInfo Chat to their tech stack, Prodscore was able to consolidate vendors and migrate multiple solutions under one umbrella, saving time and money. Since all their tools work together, Chat has been able to have an immediate positive impact. The teams don’t have to constantly juggle various technologies, but they can bring in new leads through this platform. This allows them to have a greater understanding of who is visiting their site and what they might be looking for. “The implementation and onboarding experience with ZoomInfo Chat was fantastic. They really held our hand through the process and helped us understand how to get the most out of the tool and try new things,” said Perrone.

The Results

With the help of ZoomInfo, Prodoscore’s sales and marketing teams are able to hit their numbers and operate from a single source of best-in-class data and automation. This has led to an increase in alignment and efficiencies in their day to day tasks and operations.

Engagement has been a huge boost to their revenue, and everything starts with ZoomInfo. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen our email open rates increase by 15% in the last year. I know this has to do with being able to target the right people with effective messaging,” explained Sarraf. Perrone went on to say that “If we were to eliminate ZoomInfo, we wouldn’t have the fuel for the engine to produce revenue. It has been an absolute game-changer in order for our organization to run and work the way that we want.”

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