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Outreach is the engagement platform for sales. By automating the sales workflow and connecting to Salesforce, email and other data sources, Outreach drives significant increases in sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Industry: Information Technology

The Challenge

Outreach’s sales leadership wanted to scale, but incomplete contact information hindered the outreach.

For the first year they were in business, Outreach’s sales team relied solely on email. However, as they began to scale their business, direct dials became more valuable in booking meetings. Due to the lack of direct dials in their database, their connect rates were less than optimal.

“Without access to direct dial phone numbers, momentum stalled on the sales team,” commented Mark Kosoglow, VP Sales at Outreach. “There was strong call reluctance because they knew they wouldn’t get in touch with anyone.”

The Solution

After evaluating the vendor landscape, ZoomInfo stood alone as the sole solution with the best direct dials.

To remain a competitor in this space, Kosoglow knew he had to find a solution. As a recommended best practice, Outreach provided a test list of prospects and ran a vendor analysis to see which one would come back with the most accurate contact information.

“ZoomInfo’s direct dials were the best. The analysis was compelling,” said Kosoglow. “The team was able to reach decision makers much faster due to having accurate direct dial phone numbers right at their fingertips.”

ZoomInfo provided the sales team with access to highquality contact information, so they no longer had to waste time calling gatekeepers or wrong numbers. In fact, within the first three weeks of partnering with ZoomInfo, Outreach improved their connect rates 7x.

The Results

ZoomInfo’s correct and current contact data helped Outreach reach key decision makers faster and shorten the sales cycle.

With access to direct phone numbers, the sales team cut their connect time by 67% and reached their target contacts 5X faster. With the time and money saved, Outreach has been able to grow their team 12 times over.

“What’s most compelling is the emotional boost that a rep gets when they pick up the phone and they know they have a chance at talking to someone,” stated Kosoglow. “Being excited to make phone calls and knowing you have a chance – that is an immeasurable impact on company culture and moral.”

What’s most compelling is the emotional boost that a rep gets when they pick up the phone and they know they have a chance.

Mark Kosoglow,
VP Sales, Outreach
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