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Loadsmart is a technology company that automates how truckload freight is priced, booked, and shipped.

The company uses data and predictive modeling to automate the quoting and booking process — enabling shippers to quickly make informed decisions that save time and reduce costs.

Industry: Logistics


As a tech company on a hyper-growth trajectory, Loadsmart knew it needed a new contact database solution to take them to the next level of selling. The ability to tackle this goal quickly and sell smarter within existing and new accounts was paramount for staying competitive. Loadsmart implemented ZoomInfo’s dynamic B2B platform of up-to-date contacts and accounts, resulting in an enriched database and a significant increase in the number of valuable prospects.

Efficiency – check. Accuracy – check. More sales – check.

Check out this quick, explanatory Q&A with Will Brown, Sales Operations Leader at Loadsmart.

What business challenges did ZoomInfo help you overcome?

Brown: As a booming startup that recently launched a brand new sales and marketing effort, we knew we needed to scale our sales initiatives – and embed Salesforce into the process – to hit the ground running. We didn’t have any time to waste; we needed to nail down our niche market and drill into high volume companies.

Who are the primary users of ZoomInfo?

Brown: These include account executives, the entire account management team, and sales ops, who are helping to ensure that our data is accurate, void of duplicates, and enriched properly.

What titles do you target?

Brown: We’re seeking titles within the transportation and logistics realm.

Do you use ZoomInfo’s ReachOut Chrome Extension?

Brown: Yes. In fact, we recently completed training on the extension. The tool is helping us delve deeper into the particulars of an organization and apply an account-based selling approach with the additional data we gather. Moreover, with rich information at our disposal, we’re now able to create “sales plays” and have more personalized conversations with key accounts.

What other results have you seen since adding ZoomInfo into your workflow?

Brown: We’ve added around 50% more accounts to what we had in our legacy system. On top of having more access to the right accounts and contacts, we’re also mapping our accounts and perfecting territory management.

Our reps are spending more and more time on the phone. Having quality contact data on hand at all times is more critical than ever for maintaining rapid growth.

Will Brown,
Sales Operations Leader, Loadsmart

Sounds like a success. Any plans to increase use of ZoomInfo in the future?

Brown: As a company, we’re growing like crazy – and so is our application of the tool. Our reps are spending more and more time on the phone, so having quality contact data on hand at all times is more critical than ever for maintaining rapid growth. ZoomInfo is here to stay.

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