About The Company

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is a global provider of corporate travel management services with presence in over 95 countries. FCTG delivers a blend of customer-focused technology, award-winning travel service, and global negotiation power to its clients. In the US market, the two divisions of FCTG that serve the Corporate Travel market are FCM and Corporate Traveler.

Industry: Corporate Travel

The Challenge

A New Market – A New Targeting Problem

In the nine years since FCTG began working with ZoomInfo, the travel management company broke into the U.S. market, quadrupled their sales team, and boosted appointments by 87%.

Those accolades add to FCTG’s already impressive global presence and, more importantly, reinforce the notion that good data combined with a strong sales ethic brings outstanding results.

Let’s turn the clock back to 2010. For sales professionals, dominating a market in a new, unfamiliar territory can be a complicated feat. For FCTG, one of its top objectives that year was expanding into the U.S. market both quickly and efficiently. During this growth, FCTG’s primary goal was to identify and connect with new prospects. However, this proved challenging due to the travel industry’s fast-paced environment.

“We were not too well known in the United States market, so we needed a tool that was going to help us ramp up fast in an area where nobody knew our name,” mentioned Daniel Duffy, Director of Multinational Sales & Sales Enablement, Flight Centre Travel Group.

With its previous process, FCTG prospected to just one lead per company. To improve this benchmark, sales leaders approached ZoomInfo to help segment their targeted area in order to gain more leads.

The Solution

ZoomInfo Solves the Data Dilemma

Since implementing ZoomInfo, FCTG’s team has grown with the platform for nine years. “What’s been great about our relationship with ZoomInfo, is as we have evolved as an organization, ZoomInfo has continued to grow with us. They’ve added numerous features and integrations which have only helped increase our productivity and drive ROI,” explained Duffy.

In conjunction with ZoomInfo’s data, FCTG also found success reaching target prospects by implementing account-based sales. “Now that we’ve moved to an account-based sales methodology, ZoomInfo helps us get in front of all the titles involved in the buying decision, including the decision-makers. We can hit them from multiple levels. It’s been a huge benefit for us,” stated Josh Stevens, Regional Salesforce Manager at Flight Centre Travel Group.

Additionally, the sales team achieved increased efficiency with ZoomInfo’s Salesforce plugin. The plugin has helped identify accounts within segmented areas and made prospecting faster, simpler, and more accurate.

As the sales team maximized targeting, the numbers began to speak for themselves.

The Results

Proof in the Results

Previously, the team was not hitting its optimal number of calls, emails, and appointments per month. Following the addition of ZoomInfo, FCTG increased calls by over 50 percent and boosted appointments by close to 87 percent month-over-month.

Currently, FCTG’s sales team has increased its touches on a month-by-month basis. The team has been thrilled as they continue to break records, conquer goals, and make more valuable connections:

“We used to average around 25,000 touches per month but now, with ZoomInfo and Outreach, we’re up to over 45,000 touches per month. Our BDMs are breaking records and with that, our ROI has multiplied,” explained Stevens.

To this day, ZoomInfo is FCTG’s primary data management platform. As FCTG’s travel-based technology has changed over time, ZoomInfo has continued to fit seamlessly into the company’s tech stack, having the privilege of growing – and expanding – with its sales team.

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