About The Company

Exact Media’s online platform, Connections, brings together brand advertisers that want to send samples to consumers and e-commerce retailers that want to monetize excess space in their shipped packages. The company also organizes related events for C-suite attendees.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

The Challenge

Anyone who’s handled in-person events for targeted audiences knows the frustration of not finding enough key people in a local area to make the gathering a success. Exact Media faced this obstacle as it planned specialized events for senior executives, some of whom were clients, while others were prospects. With the help of ZoomInfo’s firmographic and technographic data — such as company location and technology stack — Exact Media can now better pinpoint the best people to invite to its events.

ZoomInfo Enrich was able to enhance Exact Media’s CRM, giving the company access to 20 times as many accurate contacts. Furthermore, Enrich flagged over 4,000 of Exact Media’s leads as “person moved”, meaning the individual is no longer employed by the account they are associated with. As a result, Exact Media was able enhance and validate the accounts, contacts and leads within their CRM, allowing them to better segment and target prospects and customers.

The Solution

Exact Media needed to go beyond its patchwork of data providers, including Prospect.io and the former Data.com, to boost its CRM and better segment for marketing campaigns. Many of the company’s leads came from sources such as inbound web forms, conference attendee rosters, webinar registrations, and prospecting lists. Although those sources offered direct dials and emails, the contacts were missing vital industry, geographic, and technographics data that supports stronger event planning.

“Core to our business is driving more connections and reaching the most appropriate people, whether for our events or partnerships,” Dumencu said.

During the events, about 30 senior executives participate in focused discussions. Exact Media doesn’t want to fly in people for the confabs, so the marketing team needs to invite execs who live in certain cities or regions. Once ZoomInfo Enrich cleaned and updated the data in Exact Media’s CRM system, marketers were better able to quickly target the best attendees.

In doing so, ZoomInfo helped reverse a cumbersome business process. Previously, marketers had to look outside their CRM for key people in certain markets and then map those potential attendees back to the CRM. Now, the marketing team can start that workflow from within its CRM thanks to the enhanced data, which saves time.

The Results

ZoomInfo’s enhanced data includes technographics, which comes in handy because many of Exact Media’s ideal customers have eCommerce sites. The marketing team can easily use ZoomInfo’s technographic filters to search for companies that have installed eCommerce platforms and also set alerts when new companies bring that technology on board.

Previously, Dumencu suspected her team had complete data on 3% of prospects within the company’s target market; today, after using ZoomInfo’s enhanced data, the team has full information on over 20,000 prospects — a twentyfold increase.

After considering data platforms from Hoovers and Dun & Bradstreet, Exact Media chose ZoomInfo because of its quality and the ease with which it was implemented.

From the first call to the first use of the system, we were able to get ZoomInfo Enrich in place within 10 days, which was really important to us because we’re a small company, and time is money for us.

Dumencu said.

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