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Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers, drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns and deliver compelling content.

Industry: Marketing Automation

The Challenge

Buying “new” lists of prospects – ones just added to vendor’s database

When Anna Glushkovsky began shopping for a fresh marketing list, she approached the task with some distinct advantages. First, as a database marketing manager, she had a solid understanding of the type of data she needed. After all, her employer, Eloqua, is all about marketing effectiveness. The company enhances campaign execution and lead- nurturing efforts for its clients with a powerful marketing automation platform. But perhaps even more instrumental in her email campaign’s eventual success – in which the number of qualified leads increased by 220% – was something a little less tangible: a great idea.

In addition to her usual selects, Anna applied criteria that she’d never tried before. Knowing that a prospect’s “sweet spot” – the moment when a favorable response is most likely – often lies within the first few weeks of a job change, Anna asked for a list of records that had been added to the data providers’ databases within the previous month. “One of the list providers offered as many as 40,000 names that were supposedly added in the previous three months,” Anna said. But her experience suggested something about that wasn’t right. “There were companies with boatloads of data but it was out-of-date, incorrect or incomplete.

“It would have ended up costing us time and money that should be spent on selling, not researching and updating bad data.”

The Solution

Anna then contacted ZoomInfo and was immediately put in touch with a data services expert, who offered a more realistic estimate of 200-300 names added within the previous 30 days. “It was very refreshing to work with ZoomInfo’s team. My contact there quickly understood what I was looking for and was honest about how ZoomInfo could help.” Another area where ZoomInfo excelled versus other providers was overall efficiency. “Most providers wanted five to ten days to fulfill a request. ZoomInfo delivered in two days, without a rush order. That kind of turnaround was a major competitive advantage for ZoomInfo, but also for me because it meant I could get my message out that much faster.”

It was very refreshing to work with ZoomInfo’s team. My contact there quickly understood what I was looking for and was honest about how ZoomInfo could help.

Anna Glushkovsky, Database Marketing Manager, Eloqua

The Results

Huge increase in response rates & lower cost-per-lead boosts ROI

Anna realized greater efficiencies within the data itself, as there were approximately 30 percent fewer bounce-backs and a lead qualification rate that was 220 percent higher than what she’d been averaging with previous campaigns.

The improved results made Anna’s cost per lead dramatically lower, and while the campaign exceeded her expectations, Anna is quick to point out that her challenge is ongoing. “It’s not enough to grow your database,” she noted. “You’ve also got to keep your data clean – and do both in a way that’s cost-effective for the company. From my perspective, ZoomInfo’s Data Services team has made those challenges seem a lot less daunting.”

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