About The Company

Elite Interactive Solutions is an expert at Crime Prevention by transforming the security guard and asset monitoring industries by providing advanced machine learning algorithms. Elite’s mission is to enhance the safety, security and bottom line of companies currently facing expensive security costs and loss. Elite’s clients come from many industry verticals such as, Multi-Family Housing, Commercial Property Owners and Managers, Logistics Services, Utilities, Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Auto Dealerships, Industrial facilities, High-end Retail locations and beyond.

Industry: Security

The Challenge

Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS) was looking to build a go-to-market strategy that would enable them to successfully bring their products to market and make a name for themselves within the Security and Crime Prevention industries.

Developing an efficient and effective go-to-market strategy requires an in-depth understanding of your total addressable market as well as a tech stack that will enable you to identify, target, and engage with key prospects. However, at the time, this was something Elite Interactive Solutions was lacking. “We didn’t have a mature tech stack, nor did we have a successful outbound strategy in place,” explains Brandon Crookshanks, Security Consultant at Elite Interactive Solutions. “We relied heavily on lists that we purchased from a handful of different vendors. However, they all had one thing in common and that was poor data quality.”

“Not only were we looking for a way to minimize waste within our existing sales processes and build a more robust sales strategy, but we also were looking to foster greater alignment with our peers on the marketing side of the house. Bringing all of our go-to-market tools and intelligence under one roof was really important to us as an organization. Being able to support both teams with one consolidated tech stack would be critical for our success.”

The Solution

“After evaluating different competitors in the space, we decided to move forward with ZoomInfo’s unified system of data, insights, software, and integrations to power our go-to-market strategy,” explained Brandon. By partnering with ZoomInfo, EIS has been able to unify and streamline its tech stack, create alignment amongst leadership, and drive revenue.

“We’re leveraging all aspects of ZoomInfo, from their Advanced Search functionality and Buyer Intent signals to their data enrichment capabilities and their sales engagement technology,” said Brandon.

Specifically, with access to ZoomInfo’s Intent signals, EIS’s sales and marketing teams are able to prioritize prospects searching for solutions similar to theirs. “In the past, we had struggled to create meaningful pipeline but with the Intent data and insights we get from ZoomInfo, we’re able to identify accounts that are searching for solutions like ours in real-time. We went from shooting in the dark to knowing exactly who we should be targeting and when they are most primed to buy. And, with Engage we have the technology to accelerate and automate that targeted outreach.”

ZoomInfo’s Sales Engagement technology, Engage, combines ZoomInfo data with automation to make communication easier, faster, and more effective than ever before. “With it’s auto dialing capabilities, and the ability to develop multi-touch prospecting campaigns, Engage has helped our sales reps streamline their prospecting efforts and connect with buyers at scale,” explained Brandon.

By bringing their go-to-market strategy under one umbrella, Elite Interactive Solutions is now able to streamline workflows, prospect more efficiently, and ensure their CRM is up to date with the best B2B data out there.

“With Enrich, all of the data within our CRM is automatically appended and refreshed on an ongoing basis. This has helped further strengthen the alignment between sales and marketing, ensuring the data we’re working off of is accurate and up to date, no matter where it originated from,” explains Brandon.

The Results

With access to ZoomInfo’s all-in-one operating system, Elite Interactive Solutions has completely transformed their go-to-market strategy and are experiencing impressive results.

“Over the past twelve months, we’ve closed an average of 1 deal per month with an average contract value of $190,000 with ZoomInfo. Of those 12 high-value deals that have closed in the last year, none of them would have closed without access to ZoomInfo,” explained Brandon. “ZoomInfo is bringing in over $30,000 in recurring revenue every month for us.”

Before ZoomInfo, Elite Interactive Solutions had to manually research all of the companies that they hoped to target. Now, their sales reps have the freedom to automate much of their processes and spend more time on revenue generating activities. “The biggest benefit to having ZoomInfo is knowing who to talk to, when to talk to them, and how to talk to them. It’s an incredibly powerful resource.”

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