About The Company

Concur is the leading provider of spend management solutions and services in the world helping companies of all sizes transform the way they manage spend so they can focus on what matters most.

Industry: Sales Enablement Software

The Challenge

Finding quality, targeted net new contacts to enable Concur’s growing sales team.

Concur’s sales team grew significantly over a two year period. With such a fast growing sales team, they needed to provide enough contacts, and fast, to quickly ramp the new sales reps and plug into their nurture and outbound campaigns to produce more leads. The sales team was also having trouble with the quality of their contact data and found that many of their phone numbers and email addresses were out of date.

“Our sales team was wasting time updating contact records manually instead of selling, and leaving room for human error, which was hurting productivity and the bottom line,” stated Sean Goldie, Senior Segment Marketing Manager – SMB, at Concur.

The Solution

ZoomInfo helps Concur continuously identify, connect with & engage qualified prospects.

With ZoomInfo’s contact data, Concur quickly filled in the gaps where they were missing important information, such as email address and direct dial phone number, in their existing database. They also uncovered 90% new targeted contacts compared to what they had before.

Additionally, the targeted campaigns using ZoomInfo data helped further align the sales and marketing organizations. Armed with
the ability to build out contact lists to specific personas and companies has helped drive successful results from both a marketing and sales perspective.

ZoomInfo’s accurate data allowed the sales team to spend more time selling and less time researching. Of all the data we used from ZoomInfo, the vast majority had direct dial phone numbers, which we used to enable autodialing campaigns. We live in our CRM and our success is dependent on a high volume of quality data.

Sean Goldie, Senior Segment Marketing Manager, Concur

The Results

Concur drastically increased pipeline due to ZoomInfo’s highly accurate and targeted contact data.

With a direct integration between Concur’s CRM instance and accurate, targeted contact information from the ZoomInfo database, the sales team was able to increase productivity in specific areas of their funnel. Since partnering with ZoomInfo, Concur closed 390 opportunities for $1.6 million ARR, accounting for over 10% of new opportunities, and 1000% ROI to date. They also produced an additional $2.3 million in active pipeline due to ZoomInfo’s targeted contact data

“Before partnering with ZoomInfo, we weren’t driving enough pipeline and needed to figure out a solution fast,” explained Goldie. “We achieved a higher call-to-connect rate using autodialing tools, which we credited to ZoomInfo’s contact data. Additionally, ZoomInfo was able to help us identify our best buyers, which enabled us to fuel our funnel with targeted contacts and duplicate past successes.”

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