About The Company

ActiveOps, a UK-based company, with offices in the USA, India, South Africa, and Australia, is a leading provider of workforce management and employee productivity solutions to banking, financial services, and BPOs.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

The Challenge

ActiveOps was looking to launch a robust go-to-market strategy to help propel their organization into their next phase of growth.

Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ActiveOps, remembers the challenges he encountered when first joining the company. “Our goal was to create a frictionless funnel, from the top down. However, at that time, we lacked the data intelligence tools to be effective.”

Prior to bringing on ZoomInfo, ActiveOps opted to sign with a different platform to fuel their sales and marketing initiatives with data intelligence. They also brought on a competitor’s sales acceleration technology to help their sales team streamline their prospecting efforts. However, it didn’t take long for the team to become frustrated with the data quality and platform features, or lack thereof.

“There was a lot left to be desired with the functionality and specifically the data with the other platform. The data quality was poor, which crippled the ability for outreach to be effective. Our bounce rates were extremely high. It got to the point where I asked the team to stop all campaigns in order to protect our sender score,” explains Cupps.

With that, ActiveOps began searching for a solution that could provide them with accurate data intelligence for their global markets.

The Solution

“ZoomInfo gives us deep intelligence to uncover who we should be targeting and when. From there, we can quickly and easily identify key contacts from those accounts to pull into different prospecting sequences and nurture campaigns,” explains Cupps. “We’re no longer wasting time reaching out to the wrong people with the incorrect data. Instead, we are creating highly segmented and effective campaigns.”

In addition to leveraging ZoomInfo’s deep data intelligence, ActiveOps’ sales team now uses ZoomInfo Engage, a sales automation tool that simplifies sales workflows and drives engagement.

“With Engage, our reps can personalize their sales flows and make them their own. We wanted to push highly engaging content out to prospects from our frontline sales reps, with our reps being in control, and they can do all of that from within the platform,” says Cupps.

The Results

“Prior to bringing on ZoomInfo, we had hefty goals in place. We were looking to increase the pipeline, optimize our marketing campaigns by re-using content, and streamline our tech stack and prospecting efficiency. And, I can say, ZoomInfo has the technology for us to do all of that, and more,” explains Cupps.

Since making the switch from a competitor to ZoomInfo, ActiveOps has seen a 27% increase in their lead to opportunity ratio. “ZoomInfo gives us best in class global data that seamlessly integrates with our tech stack. We’re identifying the right accounts and connecting with key prospects, with strategic and tailored messaging, at exactly the right time.”

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