About The Company

Sendoso is a leading Sending Platform that empowers companies to stand out with new and innovative ways to engage with customers throughout the buyer’s journey. Through modern direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts and Physical Impressions™, Sendoso helps companies increase the effectiveness of their go-to-market programs and improve new and existing customer relationships. Trusted by over 800 companies spanning North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Sendoso is an essential part of successful demand generation, account-based, and customer experience programs.

Industry: Software Development and Design

The Challenge

Sendoso is used by thousands of enterprises across various personas, from hospitality and people teams to marketing, sales, and customer success. Being industry-agnostic, the possibilities for Sendoso’s Total Addressable Market are endless. With countless opportunities available, Sendoso must rely on high-quality data, such as a company’s firmographics, location, employee count, and industry data, to inform its corporate strategy. Sendoso needed a partner that could provide best-in-class data with breadth and depth and offer a data management solution to ensure that their CRM data stays consistent, complete, and actionable.

Minimizing the time sales reps spent manually filling in the gaps of incomplete or inaccurate records was also top-of-mind for Sendoso. “If we can fully enrich account and contact information all the time, we can minimize the work reps have to do, resulting in more time selling.” says CEO and Co-Founder Kris Rudeegraap.

With global expansion as a 2022 priority, Sendoso needed a source of truth to help navigate incoming records across new potential territories that would be clean, complete and routed to the right reps.

After assessing what they needed and how it could help their business, Sendoso decided to return to ZoomInfo’s services and platforms given that, “With other providers, we weren’t able to get the quality and quantity of data that we needed. ZoomInfo has the most comprehensive dataset to set up our sellers for success.” says Rudeegraap.

The Solution

“ZoomInfo has become a key component of our corporate strategy. The data within the SalesOS platform has been instrumental to putting together our Total Addressable Markets both domestically, and as we look to build our TAM internationally, specifically in the UK. We recently leveraged ZoomInfo data to better understand the potential value of the UK market–which is critical to accelerating executive buy-in,” Rudeegraap shares.

More than just a data source, ZoomInfo’s OperationsOS platform has become a valuable data management tool for Sendoso as well. Centralized within the Revenue Operations team, Kris shares how Cleanse and Enrich Essential allow records to be “fully enriched and deduplicated all the time and as data comes through our CRM. We no longer need to worry about a database with inaccurate or incomplete form fills entering through inputs like Marketo or list imports. Only clean and complete records are routed to sellers.” Reps don’t need to worry about tracking down additional or missing information and can spend more time selling.

ZoomInfo’s OperationsOS solution eliminates tedious manual processes to save sellers time and effort throughout the entirety of the data management experience. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we have reduced inaccurate data by at least 70%, which has collectively saved over 1,100+ hrs of manual data enrichment,” said Rudeegraap.

The Results

“The biggest benefit ZoomInfo provides our teams with is that it is a single source of truth and has the most comprehensive dataset out there.” Kris shares. “Since implementing ZoomInfo, we have immediately increased access to our ICP by 10%. This has given us over $4.9M in pipeline alone in the past two quarters.” Zoominfo has been instrumental on the account management side, enabling cross-selling and upselling within accounts–even internationally.

For Sendoso, accessing quality data isn’t the only reason they’ve continued to find success with ZoomInfo—With the ability to enrich and route leads in one comprehensive solution, “ZoomInfo isn’t just a data source. The OperationsOS platform has provided tremendous value to our organization and we look forward to exploring more of ZoomInfo’s products.” Sendoso’s go-to-market teams can stay aligned on sales & marketing initiatives as the organization expands into new territories and continues to explore new markets.

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