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Librestream Technologies transforms industrial frontline workforces with an AI-powered knowledge delivery and remote guidance platform. Their products were optimal solutions for companies unable to make on-site client visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in exceptional revenue growth for Librestream. To sustain this success post-pandemic, their marketing team launched an Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiative to target and convert high-value accounts.

Industry: Business Services

The Challenge

Librestream brought on Terminus as their primary marketing solution. Unfortunately, because Terminus is not a data provider, the marketing team was confined to only targeting contacts and companies within their account universe in Salesforce. In-bound web traffic was being tracked, but there was no way to export or operationalize the data.

“If the data driving your ABM efforts is limited in any way, and if you can’t do anything with it, then nothing else matters. You’ll end up with low conversions and wasted ad spend. We learned this very early on in our process and knew it was time to make a change” said Joe Charron, Director of Global Marketing.

Librestream decided to look for a vendor with a strong data foundation to power and operationalize their campaign efforts. They were also interested in accessing intent data to prioritize their account lists and personalize their messaging. They looked at both 6sense and ZoomInfo as potential partners.

“We ended up moving forward with (ZoomInfo’s) MarketingOS, largely due to the depth and quality of the data,” said Charron. “Their Intent topics are much more granular than what Terminus offers and similar to the keyword-level specificity 6Sense offers. We’re able to get very specific with the terms we track ensuring we are surfacing the best-fit audience for us to target.”

The Solution

Adding MarketingOS to their tech stack meant two things: they can target, engage, and convert prospects to buyers more efficiently across channels, and the sales and marketing teams are more strategically aligned. As the teams work together to win deals, information about prospects is shared quicker and with less friction.

For account prioritization, the teams rely on MarketingOS’ In-Market Score (IMS), an AI-scoring model that automatically assigns each prospect a “score” based on their engagement activity, like website visits and Intent searches. This eliminates the need for manual integration of data from multiple systems to determine a prospect’s position in the buying journey. Librestream sales reps and marketers can rely on the IMS to prioritize most-likely-to-buy accounts.

“The MarketingOS In-Market Score allows us to launch a custom prospecting outreach program to further qualify leads before they reach our sales team. Our goal is to deliver precision-quality leads so our sales team can spend their valuable time pursuing prospects that are much more likely to convert. ” said Charron.

Collaborative outreach efforts are almost effortless. Target audiences are layered with data points, including custom Intent topics, firmographic data, demographic data, and website visits—and set up to capture Air Cover requests from the sales teams. “The real magic of the system is workflows and combination audiences,” said Charron. “Add that to the seamless integration with SalesOS and you can build a powerful machine to identify very specific in-market prospects to target through a wide range of channels.”

In addition, Workflows automation and Salesforce integration relieves the time spent on manually assigning accounts to BDRs or creating new accounts in Salesforce each time a new prospect hits the Librestream website.


Since adding ZoomInfo to their tech stack, Librestream has seen increased website traffic and better engagement with their advertisements. “Our advertising strategy is proving much more effective since running ads through MarketingOS. We are seeing incredible engagement and to date our average click through rate has increased by 900%,” said Charron.

As Librestream continues to test new strategies and build new programs, the overall impact of ZoomInfo will be measured by the number of meetings booked and opportunities created.

“Our process has become incredibly efficient and effective, and I’m proud of the sophisticated model we have in motion. Our work has to culminate in something tangible and greater than what the sales team can do on their own, and that’s what the dynamic power of SalesOS and MarketingOS allows us to produce,” said Charron.

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