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Kaseya provides best-in-breed computer programming services that efficiently manage, secure and backup IT under a single platform so that multi-functional IT professionals get the most out of their IT tool stack. Headquartered in Miami, New York, and Dublin, Kaseya has over 40,000 SMB customers and managed service provider organizations under its belt.

Kaseya has grown at a rapid rate, introducing a new go-to market “land and expand” strategy. VP of Marketing Operations, Juliet Forte, shares how Kaseya has been able to tackle this strategy head-on with the help of ZoomInfo’s OperationsOS data orchestration tool to improve and streamline its deduplication efforts, lead-to-account match, and routing in one platform.

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The Challenge

As Kaseya has expanded through mergers and acquisitions, acquiring six companies over the last several years, its sales and marketing database has also grown exponentially.

With this expansion, Kaseya was in search of a way to manage the number of unintended duplicates created as a result. Kaseya wanted to make sure so they could identify the duplicates in order to continue to foster and expand upon existing customer relationships. Juliet shares how “when we acquire new companies, it is extremely difficult for us to expand relationships when there are duplicates in the system because essentially no one knows who the account manager is of a customer account that we may share with the company that we just acquired.” Kaseya needed a single source of truth that would also help account managers accurately preserve the data in the correct format.

Prior to discovering ZoomInfo, Juliet shares, “We were using Distribution Engine for our Routing and we were using a tool called Cloudingo for some of our deduplication, but having disparate systems to do different things and small portions of the overall process was rather complicated.” With data coming in at all angles–whether that be from the marketing automation platform, manually inputted by sales reps, or through web forms, Kaseya needed a system that could pull in all of the data from these various sources, make sense of it and drive the necessary outcomes, including deduplication and routing throughout its organization.

Juliet elaborates on how, as a result of Kaseya’s former routing process, “We spent money on marketing campaigns where we were generating leads that sales wasn’t necessarily following up on because the lead was getting routed to them incorrectly.” These erroneously assigned leads often went cold before the appropriate rep could follow up. Kaseya needed a streamlined way to assign records to the right rep and quicken speed-to-lead.

Lead-to-account matching is also vital to Kaseya’s routing process, but before using OperationsOS Route, there was often confusion amongst Kaseya’s new customer acquisition team and its account management team. New leads at current customers were being incorrectly sent to the customer acquisition team and treated as fresh prospects rather than being routed to their existing relationship manager–creating internal road bumps in the sales cycle.

With a strong desire to grow its customer base, enhance existing customer relationships and manage mergers and acquisitions, Kaseya ultimately began using ZoomInfo’s OperationsOS to improve its data orchestration.

The Solution

ZoomInfo soon became Kaseya’s single source of truth for data and over the course of one weekend, Kaseya deduped its entire database–removing unnecessary and unintended duplicates while still retaining relevant and accurate proprietary data.

By leveraging automated deduplication efforts, “We manage intricacies and get right down to the field level deciding which value wins over others. We dictate who is the owner of the surviving account and make sure we don’t lose any related data, opportunities, subscriptions, and opt-outs as a result.” Juliet adds. This has empowered Kaseya to seamlessly perform migrations while simultaneously removing any duplicates from its database as they carry out mergers and acquisitions.

Automating tedious data orchestration processes–from deduplication, to lead-to-account matching—has allowed Kaseya’s sales reps to reallocate their time to close deals faster and improve conversion rates. Kaseya no longer needs to worry about leads being incorrectly assigned or not being followed up on. With OperationsOS Route, newly created or engaged records not owned by a sales rep in Salesforce are immediately routed into a Round Robin to the appropriate reps, so qualified leads can be followed up immediately.

Since implementing ZoomInfo, Juliet shares, “We can retain up to 5% more leads by using intelligent routing for more speed and accuracy. With OperationsOS, we know the lead is getting assigned to somebody who can and should be able to work that record – first time. We have reduced our follow-up time by as much as half.”

Sales reps can even strategize together more efficiently with OperationsOS Route’s flexible lead assignment rules that enable multiple teams to work together on a single company record. “They now have confidence in the process leading to a stronger relationship between Marketing and Sales. We are now a much stronger go-to-market team as a result.” Juliet says.

The Results

Having a singular platform to successfully integrate incoming data, automate deduplication efforts, and retain correctly formatted proprietary data has given Kaseya the momentum to drive its expansion strategy. With access to one comprehensive platform, managing the merging of company databases has never been more efficient and effective. Kaseya’s sales teams have gained greater insights into their accounts, improved their ability to cross-sell to the expanded customer base, and increased conversions and revenue.

Juliet shares the invaluable role lead-to-account matching plays in supporting Kaseya’s land and expand strategy, “We can now associate a new lead with the existing customer accounts, associate that record to the appropriate account manager and make sure that they can grow and expand that customer relationship.”

ZoomInfo has set Kaseya up for continued success with its mergers and acquisitions strategy. Juliet shares, “Companies that are doing acquisitions absolutely need to have a solution in place for dealing with the duplicates or else they will be losing revenue” sharing that without ZoomInfo’s OperationsOS platform, this would not be possible. Kaseya no longer needs to worry about the risk of breaching compliance. “It’s much easier to make sure that we’re honoring compliance requirements, we’re very confident that when we find that one particular record, it’s the only one that exists.”

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