About The Company

ABG Print (Advanced Business Group) is a commercial printing company located in Midtown, Manhattan. ABG Print specializes in printing, binding and finishing multi-page documents that include, but are not limited to: presentations, booklets, magazines, catalogs, proposals and reports.

Industry: Business Services

The Challenge

Office supply vendors took a heavy hit during the pandemic, as many people had no choice but to work from home. As some companies are just beginning the transition back into the office, there’s still a much lower demand for office services compared to before the pandemic.

Jesse Safir, the owner of ABG Print, a premier corporate printing company based in New York, knows this challenge all too well. Like many companies, Jesse and his team had to shift their selling strategies during the pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, demand for our services dropped dramatically,” explains Safir. “We quickly realized that in order for us to stay afloat, we would need to revamp our go-to-market strategy and diversify our target market.”

“We were looking to expand into new verticals but with business slowing down we didn’t have the resources to bring on new sales reps. We considered outsourcing our entire sales division but I didn’t want to lose our in-house sales reps who know our product and services better than anyone else,” explains Safir. “Instead we decided we would invest in intelligence and technology that could help our existing sales team be more effective and impactful.”

The Solution

Jesse and his team were looking for a solution to automate their internal sales processes and help support their expansion efforts. With a lean sales team, it was critical for ABG to quickly identify an all-in-one platform that would be easy to use and also integrate with the rest of their tech stack.

“ZoomInfo’s comprehensive and robust offerings were exactly what we needed to expand and streamline our prospecting efforts. The data has proved itself to be best-in-class and with their sales automation tool, ZoomInfo Engage, the team has the ability to optimize and scale their outreach strategies and workflows.”

With ZoomInfo and ZoomInfo Engage, ABG has been able to seamlessly combine phone, email, and CRM activities in a single tool, giving their team an unprecedented ability to connect directly with buyers, measure and track prospect engagement, automate salesflows, and sell smarter and more efficiently—with real-time analytics and insights on demand.

“With ZoomInfo’s data intelligence, we’re now able to be more efficient in terms of targeting key individuals at established businesses. We also have the data and insights to see things like when the best time to make calls are and what subject lines work best. All of this helps our sales reps optimize their processes, which is incredibly valuable as they pivot into industries and verticals they aren’t as familiar with.”

The Results

The team at ABG Print has been working more efficiently since partnering with ZoomInfo. Now, more of their time is spent building awareness and relationships with new and existing customers.

“Not only has our team been able to significantly decrease the amount of time spent searching for accurate contact information, but we’ve also increased our revenue from new clients by over 200% since partnering with ZoomInfo. Being able to cut costs across the business was an added bonus of the partnership,” said Safir.

With a small team and limited resources, Jesse and his team continue to grow and expand with the help of ZoomInfo.

“Here we are, a small business in the middle of New York City, extraordinarily whacked by the pandemic. One of the reasons that we’re able to survive and will continue to thrive is because of ZoomInfo and the partnership we have right now,” said Safir.

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