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SecurityMetrics attends a number of trade shows and conferences throughout the year, purchasing attendee lists beforehand to help their sales team generate opportunities and on-site meetings. These lists range anywhere from 100 to 10,000 attendees. To maximize the value of these lists, SecurityMetrics typically tasks 5 to 10 employees with manually cleansing the data, which has proven to be time-consuming and tedious. Without a standardized workflow to process these lists, it slowed down productivity and made building pipeline difficult.

SecurityMetrics needed a solution that would streamline its list import process and allow its team to identify existing contacts and matching accounts in Salesforce, faster, without sacrificing accuracy. When searching for a solution to address its challenges, SecurityMetrics was interested in a robust, yet flexible platform to also help spearhead its deduplication efforts.

“You’re in control when it comes to data management. Ringlead provides you with the tools needed to truly maintain your data.”

Taylor Boyer

Salesforce Administrator at SecurityMetrics


SecurityMetrics enlisted the help of ZoomInfo’s Operations data management platform, Ringlead, that could automatically improve the overall data quality of its CRM.

The Operations data management platform is a fully integrated, scalable solution that tackles all core data management processes including enrichment, cleansing, normalization, deduplication, segmentation, and routing. “You’re in control when it comes to data management. Ringlead provides you with the tools needed to truly maintain your data,” shares Taylor Boyer, Salesforce Administrator at SecurityMetrics. Operations integrates directly with leading CRM and MATs to empower organizations with complete, centralized, and secure control over their data.

SecurityMetrics was specifically interested in leveraging Cleanse, a feature to help import lists, identify existing contacts, and match those to the appropriate accounts in Salesforce to prevent duplicates from entering their CRM.

Cleanse boasts robust matching logic criteria and customizable surviving record rules to help users determine how potential duplicates are matched, and which field values survive during a merge.

Cleanse also empowers users, when importing lists, with the ability to match net new leads to existing accounts, import lists of accounts, and create contacts and accounts if no match is found.

The Results

By deploying the Operations data management platform, Ringlead, SecurityMetrics was able to successfully build a sales pipeline from trade show lists. This became a scalable process to quickly and effectively import lists, create new leads, identify existing contacts and match to accounts in Salesforce. SecurityMetrics was able to significantly reduce the time required to process and import trade show lists. They’ve imported just over 200 lists and prevented 5,200 duplicates in the past year alone.

While preventing duplicates was a priority for SecurityMetrics, the team was also focused on overall data quality and record standardization. Year-to-date, SecurityMetrics has normalized 23,000 records with Cleanse, allowing for optimized data workflows, reports, and more tailored sales and marketing activities.

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