3,900% increase in engagement rates



As a staffing company that focuses on highly specialized industries such as engineering, aerospace, and shipbuilding, Quanta seeks candidates with specific, hard-to-find skill sets.

For the past year, they’ve also sought to build their pipeline and shorten their sales cycle with an efficient prospecting strategy. However, a lack of quality data put the company in a unique position. Prior to ZoomInfo, Quanta had partnered with a competing vendor but quickly realized the data was unreliable. “It was like the tap was on, but it was trickling out. We needed a way to open up and expand pipeline,” explained Heather McCullough, VP of Operations at Quanta.


“After a few conversations with ZoomInfo, we realized their database had what we needed to optimize efforts and maximize success. After seeing the data firsthand and testing it, we were confident enough to make the switch,” explained McCullough.

With its centralized, reliable database, ZoomInfo has helped Quanta reduce the time its sales teams, recruiters, and executive leadership were spending on manual research and data entry. This helped paved the way for a faster sales and recruiting cycle.

In particular, ZoomInfo’s ReachOut Chrome extension went a long way toward identifying passive candidates with must-have skill sets and industry experience. “For our recruiters, ReachOut has been a game changer. It simplifies their workflows and makes it easier for them to source with speed,” explained McCullough.

Additionally, ZoomInfo’s Saved Search feature has greatly benefited Quanta’s sales team. “Being able to create and save a Search, to then revisit and refine at a later time, has saved us significant prospecting time,” said McCullough.

The Results

Quanta’s trickle of information finally expanded into a torrent thanks to ZoomInfo. Since bringing on ZoomInfo, Quanta has seen a 75% increase in overall efficiency. Now their sales reps and recruiting teams are able to focus solely on revenue generating activities.

Additionally, Quanta has seen a drastic reduction in email bounce rates. With ZoomInfo fueling their tech stack, email bounce rates have decreased by over 93%. Quanta has also seen a 3,900% increase in engagement rates. “This has been a major win in terms of efficiency and pipeline growth,” explained McCullough.

“With those success metrics, it’s easy to see why ZoomInfo is beneficial to any company’s productivity and growth.”

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