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Esusu was founded in 2018 on the premise that no matter where you come from, the color of your skin, or your financial identity it should never determine where you end up in life.

“Our goal is to enable renters to build a financial identity and achieve financial stability. We do this by providing an all-in-one rent reporting platform that benefits both the renters and the property owners,” explained Andy Linder, Director of Sales at Esusu. “Our resources help property owners increase on-time payments, prevent evictions, and lower vacancies — all while enabling healthier financial futures for their renters.”

Last year, ahead of two very successful funding rounds, and before reaching unicorn status with a $1 billion valuation, the organization was in search of a way to bring awareness to its offerings and drive revenue for the business.

“I was brought on with the goal of building a successful outbound strategy and sales motion,” explained Linder. “Every growing start-up needs a way to identify and connect with net-new prospects. In the real estate industry, there simply isn’t enough information online to work with. We needed a better way to get in touch with potential buyers and automate our workflows to maximize efficiency.”

Linder and his team faced a major bottleneck: the actual contact information needed to get in touch with those individuals. The need for data at Esusu was twofold: to identify and target net-new buyers who fit within their ICP as well as append trade show attendee lists.

“Conferences are incredibly important in the real estate industry. Typically, governing bodies for conferences, like the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA), will provide attendee lists for conferences. The challenge is that these lists will include first name, last name and company, which is limiting. While the leads were valuable, we had no way of making them actionable,” said Linder.

Esusu was ready to upgrade their tech stack and hit the ground running. After researching a number of different solutions, Andy and his team ultimately chose to move forward with ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo is helping us drive awareness for our business. We’re now able to reach and engage with key prospects which has had a direct impact on our bottom line. In our first year using ZoomInfo, our average sales cycle length decreased by 33%.

Andy Linder

Director of Sales at Esusu


Esusu is using ZoomInfo’s Sales solution to accelerate pipeline, maximize productivity and reach new levels of growth for the organization.

“ZoomInfo proved its value almost immediately. Within a week from when I started sourcing prospects through ZoomInfo, I landed a call with the Managing Director of Asset Management at a multi-billion dollar real estate investment firm. A few weeks later, they signed on as a customer for a 6-figure contract,” explained Linder.

In addition to leveraging ZoomInfo’s robust database to source net-new contacts, Esusu relies on ZoomInfo’s enrichment capabilities to deliver value from trade show lists. “We no longer have to waste hours on the internet searching for contact information to fill in the gaps from these lists. ZoomInfo does that for us instantly and with added insights that give us a 360-degree view of the people and companies that we’re targeting.”

Since many of the real estate trade shows have continued in-person, Linder and his team have also been able to use ZoomInfo in-person at these events, in order to find the information they need on the fly. “Sales is all about timing, and finding the right people at the right time – that requires us to have the right information. Even when I am in person at a /conference, I can very quickly look up someone using ZoomInfo. Those details and insights are unmatched and enable us to have relevant conversations.”

With access to data that is not readily available on the public web, Esusu now has important details sooner, and an increased level of understanding about their ideal customers.

The Results

Since partnering with ZoomInfo, Esusu has implemented a successful outbound strategy and is achieving new levels of growth.

“ZoomInfo is helping us drive awareness for our business. We’re now able to reach and engage with key prospects which has had a direct impact on our bottom line. In our first year using ZoomInfo, our average sales cycle length decreased by 33%.”

With ZoomInfo, Esusu has everything they need, including data, insights, and software, to identify and convert customers at scale.

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