250,000 new contacts into their CRM, over 5,000 meetings booked, and more than 1,000 opportunities created.



growth rate year-over-year


new contacts into their CRM


newly created opportunities


“We did a fair amount of research and ZoomInfo Sales is where we landed. We loved what we saw when it came to the quality and functionality of the Advanced Search Filter. We knew that with the ability to sort by Job Title, Company Size, and Industry, we’d be able to build out our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within a few clicks,” said Director of National Accounts, Joe Quebodeaux.

“ZoomInfo has played a huge role in our growth rate. We rely on the tools in our tech stack to get the job done, and already we are at a 33% growth rate in the first quarter (of 2023),”

Shawn Toal
Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience


The Dumpsters.com sales team uses the high-quality contact information and buying intelligence in Sales to save time on research, optimize their prospecting efforts, and create greater alignment between their sales and marketing teams.

On the sales side, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) use the Advanced Search Filter to expedite pinpointing prospects that fit their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). With the accurate company attributes and contact details found in Sales, they’re better equipped for more informed conversations with prospects. The Scoops feature ensures that teams are up-to-date on problems and projects underway at target accounts. These insights identify trends and help shape the right messaging for more effective prospecting.

“Our sales team, and specifically our AE’s, are really diving in and maximizing the data that’s available. They continually share positive feedback about the platform and are setting new growth goals for how many leads they can target off of customer-based personas,” says Shawn Toal, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience.

The Sales momentum doesn’t stop there. The Marketing team uses a third party vendor to identify new projects and project start dates, but the tool lacks the high-quality contact information needed to integrate records into sales outreach and marketing campaigns. To solve this problem, the team imports lists of recent projects into Marketo and enriches each record with ZoomInfo Enrich, to ensure they have complete, accurate, engagement-ready data. Then with the Sales connector, these new contacts are imported directly into Salesforce. This eliminates manual data entry and research time, allowing the team to focus solely on selling.

“It’s nice to know that we are only importing deduplicated, enriched data into our CSM. This not only confirms that we have high-quality data hygiene, but also that we have clean records when we initiate the sales cycle,” says Quebodeaux.

In addition, the Sales Operations team finds value in the Sales Buying Committee filter that identifies contacts that match the personas displayed in their Advanced Search. Time saved on researching key decision-makers leads to a shortened sales cycle, moving the team to deliver on their next deal, sooner.

To facilitate this collaborative effort, the Dumpsters.com sales and marketing teams meet weekly to discuss what campaigns are going out and to determine what action will be taken when a customer engages with the campaign.

“These alignment meetings have allowed us to be really specific with how we route inbound leads and optimize conversions,” says Toal.

The Results

Since 2021, Dumpsters.com has experienced significant success with Sales. They have imported roughly 250,000 new contacts into their CRM, booked over 5,000 meetings, and created more than 1,000 opportunities. The marketing team has a consistent 88% delivery rate, with a less than 1% bounce rate. And overall, they’ve seen a growth rate of upwards of 60% year-over-year.

“ZoomInfo has played a huge role in our growth rate. We rely on the tools in our tech stack to get the job done, and already we are at a 33% growth rate in the first quarter (of 2023),” shares Toal.

“Everytime I meet with the ZoomInfo team, I learn something new. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I know there will always be a new feature or function that will continue to fuel our ability to hit our numbers.”

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