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Drip’s mission is a noble one: give independent companies a fighting chance in a growing ecommerce market. A powerful ecommerce marketing engine, Drip’s mission is to help smaller retailers grow, connect, and build trusted, meaningful relationships with B2C customers through personalized marketing.

Prior to ZoomInfo, Drip had enlisted the help of several different vendors to help with lead generation and data enrichment. The problem was, while each vendor had their own specialty, none could offer Drip everything they needed in one package. “It got to the point where we were using six different data intelligence tools. As you can imagine, things got really messy,” explained Jordan Barker, VP of Marketing at Drip.

With the goal of consolidating and streamlining processes, Drip turned to ZoomInfo. “We needed a singular robust and reliable database–a single source of truth,” explained Barker. “And we’re grateful to have found that in ZoomInfo.”

ZoomInfo’s lead enrichment and database maintenance solutions have greatly improved the integrity of the data within our CRM and has optimized the efficiency of our sales and marketing teams.

Jordan Barker

VP of Marketing at Drip


With access to ZoomInfo’s database, Drip’s marketing team unlocked a wealth of detailed contact data and account information to pave the way to more accurate marketing initiatives, empowering them with a clearer picture of prospects so they could segment and customize their messaging better than ever before.

Initially, when bringing on ZoomInfo, the team was looking for a way to streamline and optimize their lead capture process. Drip now relies on ZoomInfo’s Enrich solution to ensure the data fueling their sales and marketing initiatives is always accurate and up-to-date, no matter where it was originally sourced from. This enrichment data provides unique insights that are used to enhance lead scoring, routing, and segmentation.

“With ZoomInfo fueling our tech stack, we’re confident knowing our data-dependent workflows like lead scoring, routing, and segmentation are supported with reliable and actionable data,” explained Barker.

The Results

Today, marketing and sales reps alike are using their time effectively since they no longer have to sink precious hours into chasing after leads and doing guesswork on contacts. Where marketers can deliver personalized messaging to ecommerce brands, salespeople can now follow up on leads with accurate information and confidence.

“Thanks to ZoomInfo, we’ve been able to streamline and enhance our GTM strategy. We have better insights and visibility into our customers and prospects which enables us to make smarter, data-driven decisions. ZoomInfo is our secret to working smarter, not harder,” explained Barker.

Drip is able to locate companies that utilize shopping cart technologies, which, when paired with ZoomInfo’s data enrichment capabilities, lets Drip spend less time chasing after bad leads and more time assisting prospects in need of an ecommerce marketing solution. The ability to append and enrich data to a greater degree has allowed marketing and sales to personalize outreach initiatives, increase engagement, and shorten the sales cycle by 16% quarter over quarter.

With ZoomInfo’s help, Drip is better positioned than ever to carry out its mission of empowering the ecommerce rebellion.

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