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Top Companies Using Angular 7

1,419 companies using this technology

By Google

Angular version 7.


Companies dropped this tech in the last month


The market share of the technology in its category

Top industries utilizing this technology

  • Business Services
  • Custom Software & IT Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Software

1-10 of 1,419 Companies using Angular 7

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  1. 1

    Technologies used by the company: 3,088

  2. 2
    UnitedHealth Group

    Technologies used by the company: 2,901

  3. 3
    CVS Health

    Technologies used by the company: 2,783

  4. 4

    Technologies used by the company: 1,525

  5. 5

    Technologies used by the company: 793

  6. 6
    Cardinal Health

    Technologies used by the company: 1,712

  7. 7

    Technologies used by the company: 1,219

  8. 8
    JPMorgan Chase

    Technologies used by the company: 3,297

  9. 9

    Technologies used by the company: 1,082

  10. 10

    Technologies used by the company: 3,445


Best Alternatives for Angular 7

Usage statistics of alternative technologies to Angular 7, based on Zoominfo's comprehensive dataset

jQueryjQuery MigrateBootstrapASP.NETModernizrAngular 7

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Angular 7

What is the Angular 7 technology?
Angular version 7. For more information,
How many companies removed the Angular 7 technology in the last month?
6 companies removed Angular 7 from their tech stack in the last month.
What is Angular 7 technology’s market share?
Angular 7 market share is <0.01% out of all the technologies in the same category.
What companies are using Angular 7?
From the data gathered in Zoominfo, Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, CVS Health, ExxonMobil, Optum, are using the Angular 7 technology. You can see the full list in the above results table.
How many companies are using Angular 7?
1419 companies are using Angular 7.
Which industries do companies commonly use Angular 7 for their needs?
Companies in Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services, Retail commonly use Angular 7.
What are the best alternatives for Angular 7?
According to Zoominfo’s data jQuery, jQuery Migrate, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, Modernizr, are competitors of Angular 7. For more information,
See more information about Angular 7

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