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Engineering Software · Canada · 50 Employees

Manifest Climate, found in 2020 and based out of Toronto, Canada, is a climate change technology company and risk management platform provider.Read More


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1255 Bay St Ste 801, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2A9, Canada
Phone Number

Phone Number

(877) 762-6433
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Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate Inc



Mantle314 Inc

SIC Code 73,737
NAICS Code 54,541

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Manifest Climate Org Chart

View Manifest Climate org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about Manifest Climate organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Laura Zizzo - the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Manifest Climate, and followed by additional decision makers: Jordan Shnier, Chief Financial Officer, and Jeremy Greven, Co-Founder & President.
Laura Zizzo
Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive...

Jordan Shnier
Jordan Shnier

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Greven
Jeremy Greven

Co-Founder & President


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Manifest Climate Funding
Funding DateMar 31, 2022
RoundSeries A
InvestorsOMERS Ventures, Klass Capital, Climate Innovation Capital, Garage Capital, Bryker Capital, BDC, Active Impact Investments, Golden Ventures
Funding DateFeb 10, 2021
InvestorsGarage Capital Ventures, Golden Ventures, Klass Capital, OMERS Ventures, Bryker Capital
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Manifest Climate Acquisitions & Subsidiaries
Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jul 18, 2022


Oct 07, 2013

Zizzo Strategy

DeMarco Allan

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Manifest Climate

Where is Manifest Climate located?
Manifest Climate's headquarters are located at 1255 Bay St Ste 801, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2A9, Canada
What is Manifest Climate's phone number?
Manifest Climate's phone number is (877) 762-6433
What is Manifest Climate's official website?
Manifest Climate's official website is
What is Manifest Climate's Revenue?
Manifest Climate's revenue is $8.4 Million
What is Manifest Climate's SIC code?
Manifest Climate's SIC: 73,737
What is Manifest Climate's NAICS code?
Manifest Climate's NAICS: 54,541
How many employees does Manifest Climate have?
Manifest Climate has 50 employees
What industry does Manifest Climate belong to?
Manifest Climate is in the industry of: Engineering Software, Software Development & Design, Software
What is Manifest Climate competition?
Manifest Climate top competitors include: SaasNow BV, Dundas Data Visualization Inc, Apption Corp, Databauhaus Inc
What companies has Manifest Climate acquired?
Manifest Climate has acquired the companies: Mantle314, Zizzo Strategy, DeMarco Allan
What technology does Manifest Climate use?
Some of the popular technologies that Manifest Climate uses are: Jira, Webflow, ASP.NET, CATS
Who is the CEO of Manifest Climate?
Manifest Climate's CEO is Laura Zizzo
Who is the CFO of Manifest Climate?
Manifest Climate's CFO is Jordan Shnier
How do I contact Manifest Climate?
Manifest Climate contact info: Phone number: (877) 762-6433 Website:
What does Manifest Climate do?

Manifest Climate, found in 2020 and based out of Toronto, Canada, is a climate change technology company and risk management platform provider.... Read More

What are Manifest Climate social media links?
Manifest Climate Linkedin page Manifest Climate Facebook page Manifest Climate Twitter page
How much funding has Manifest Climate raised to date?
Manifest Climate has raised $30.5 Million in 2 funding rounds
When was the last funding round for Manifest Climate?
Manifest Climate closed its last funding round on Mar 31, 2022 with the amount of $24 Million
Who invested in Manifest Climate?
Manifest Climate has 13 investors including Golden Ventures, Klass Capital, OMERS Ventures and Bryker Capital.
Is Manifest Climate a public company?
Manifest Climate is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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