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Sell me this pen. Eh, not so much. So, how do you sell to a sales professional?

We all know sales is a contact sport. ZoomInfo helps you connect and win more business with a robust B2B database of business development leads.

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    Org Chart

    Getting in contact with someone from a company doesn’t mean much if the employee is not a decision maker. That’s where ZoomInfo Org Charts come in. Generate more sales management leads without the hassle.

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    Job Titles

    Pitch the sales professionals based on what matters to them. Use ZoomInfo to find and reach sales leaders and professionals within the business development organizations, including Chief Revenue Officers (CROs), VPs of sales, territory managers, account managers, business development representatives, and so much more. ZoomInfo provides prospecting insights about B2B companies you can’t find anywhere else. Essential prospecting details such as up-to-date job titles, certifications, employment and academic history and more allow you to understand your buyers like never before.

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    Industry Alerts and Intent Data

    Stay up to date with what’s happening at your target customers’ companies with industry alerts and intent data from ZoomInfo.

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    Direct Contact Data

    Turn contacts into connections by creating more more conversations with contact information you can count on! Get direct dial phone numbers and email addresses sourced from the industry’s leading B2B intelligence solution!

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Intent & Direct Contact Info for your ideal Prospects

Email address

Phone number

Job history

Professional connections

Managers and colleagues

Be first in the door with scoops and alerts on Sales Department companies


Track News & Events for your target companies


Get alerted to leadership changes in your target organizations


Identify industry trends by following new projects and funding

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