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Textbook Central is a sole source provider of Purchase Order/Book Inventory/Student Management systems, which has delivered cost effective management to the non-public textbook loan programs of participating Nassau County school districts since 2000. For more than a decade, Textbook Central has worked closely with Nassau school districts to design, develop, implement and manage proprietary systems, to minimize administrative function on the part of school districts, to secure and process non-public student textbook requests. Textbook Central estimates that the administrative cost alone (of personnel and processing) to a district for issuing 200 purchase orders for textbooks is approximately $30,000. Our proprietary systems virtually eliminate those expenses. Districts are only billed three times during the school year by us, regardless of how many hundreds of individual orders are submitted to and must be placed by us with individual vendors in order to fulfill district needs. Our web-based Student Management systems for non-public students are designed specifically by our web design team for the Nassau County districts and enable complete tracking and management of student enrollment information. Through password protection, this 'visibility' is only available from Textbook Central and allows for accurate accounting to school districts of their resident students. No other vendor has the ability to provide these services. Through partnerships with excess/used inventory book suppliers, we have access to proprietary software solutions allowing us to submit special 'Reserve' orders. These 'Build' orders allow Textbook Central to secure and reserve inventory quantities over time, pending our decision to release for shipment and delivery to the private schools or school districts. Our exclusive ability to access and manipulate these orders at our discretion, gives us complete flexibility in efficiently fulfilling orders. Timing of these deliveries is tailored to the specific needs of the districts or private schools. No other company engages in satisfying the needs of districts and private schools in this way. Because of the volume of ordering by Textbook Central, we have also developed relationships with some major publishers, resulting in both pricing and shipping cost advantages to our district participants. Textbook Central currently services 53 of the 56 Nassau County school districts (in addition, 34 of 53 are directly served by Textbook Central supplying their district bookrooms). With over 100 participating private and parochial schools, we are servicing in excess of 24,000 enrolled students annually.

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