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Here at Bandwidth, we help build brands, for entrepreneurs like ourselves and for other big or challenger brands trying to get their efforts noticed and bought. Our empathy is born out of building our own brand at the same time - we know how hard it is to intro a new, unknown product. We know we offer value. In fact, given the fact that we're renegades from big brand experience, we've now got the ability to harness that knowledge in a more efficient, effective way. But we aren't yet a name as a group. So it may take longer for us to make a sale in our art stall. Won't people be surprised though with what they get after they take a leap of faith, or buy based not on status quo or what someone else thinks, but on inherent value and the pure reaction to that effort right under their noses. The creative act should always be one of upending the commonly accepted to get to new ways of viewing. So keep messing with it Banksy.

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