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Saffer Trading corporate office is located in 1123 E Jackson St, Medford, Oregon, 97504, United States and has 17 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Saffer Trading Employees

How many employees does Saffer Trading have?
Saffer Trading has 17 employees
Who are Saffer Trading key employees?
Some of Saffer Trading key employees are Beau-Michael Burleigh, Jordan Foster, Beau Burleigh, Scott Burleigh, Brian Slaughter
Where is Saffer Trading located?
Saffer Trading’s headquarters are located at 1123 E Jackson St, Medford, Oregon, 97504, United States
How do I contact Saffer Trading?
Saffer Trading Contact Info: Phone number: (800) 888-4295 Website: www.saffertradingco.com
What does Saffer Trading do?

Service... Is The Saffer Trading Difference! We know that you get solicited daily and its difficult to give your attention to somebody, when you dont know much about them. Saffer Trading isnt trying to reinvent the wheel, our value comes by performing transportation fundamentals better than our competition. OUR STAFF, Answers the phone. No automate... d prompts, no leaving a message during regular business hours. OUR STAFF, Responds to rate requests within minutes. Our hours are 6:00am to 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time - Talent, OR office. OUR STAFF, Will personally track all your shipments, with a daily check call or email. We will personally respond, verify and communicate all picks and deliveries on shipments you have entrusted to us. You will not be passed from department to department. OUR STAFF, Will provide you drivers name and cell phone. OUR STAFF, Understands that we work for you and will be attentive and sensitive to your shipping needs. OUR STAFF, Will continuously strive to understand your shipping goals and provide solutions to mutually achieve these goals. OUR STAFF, Understands as a transportation representative of your company any time you are dissatisfied with our communication and or service please contact the Talent office. OUR STAFF, Understands value is achieved through personal responsibility, attentive listening and building trust. If you and your company choose to make Saffer Trading an addition to your team we will give you our best. Saffer Trading Provides Full & LTL Flatbed, Stepdeck, Van and over dimensional service Nationwide. All of our carriers have minimum Insurance coverages of: $1,000,000 Automobile Liability and $100,000 Truck Motor Cargo. Saffer Trading is always shown as certificate holder with a verbal confirmation that the Carrier's policy is active at the date of shipping. Increased cargo coverages are available and must be submitted prior to shipping, in writing, to your account representative.Read More

Is Saffer Trading a public company?
Saffer Trading is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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