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Lightweight Manufacturing corporate office is located in 1139 Sumner Ave Ste 2, Whitehall, Pennsylvania, 18052, United States and has 11 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Lightweight Manufacturing Employees

How many employees does Lightweight Manufacturing have?
Lightweight Manufacturing has 11 employees
Who are Lightweight Manufacturing key employees?
Some of Lightweight Manufacturing key employees are Dirk Cos
Where is Lightweight Manufacturing located?
Lightweight Manufacturing’s headquarters are located at 1139 Sumner Ave Ste 2, Whitehall, Pennsylvania, 18052, United States
How do I contact Lightweight Manufacturing?
Lightweight Manufacturing Contact Info: Phone number: (610) 435-4720 Website: www.lightweightmanufacturing.com
What does Lightweight Manufacturing do?

Lightweight Manufacturing was founded to serve the fabric structures and tent rental industry with the manufacturing of architectural fabric panels and to provide related engineering services. Since we typically work in a subcontractor role, we will keep your project information confidential and protect your brand name by not marketing our services... using your project. Therefore, our website provides only a small glimpse of the range of projects that we can support. Please contact us with information about your potential project so we can review if we can help. We manufacture fabric skins for permanent tensile structures and frame supported structures, and for temporary aluminum clearspan structures. We also manufacture a range of different industrial coated fabric products such as curtains, tarps, medical products, and custom designed industrial products. Additionally, we distribute 2 different brands of keder and the associated aluminum keder extrusions, tensioning, finishing and facade extrusions. The engineering services provided by Lightweight Design consist of design services for tensile and frame supported fabric structures, and certification for rental structures. The customers are supported with a deep understanding of available fabrics and their properties, and a wide range of manufacturing services such as computer cutting, slitting and various methods of heat welding such as RF welding, hot air welding, wedge welding and more. Fabric panels with complex shapes are computer designed with software that generates cutting patterns, which seamlessly move from engineering design to the manufacturing floor to be computer cut, welded and finished. Lightweight Manufacturing is certified by Serge Ferrari to manufacture their new range of fabrics with TX-30 topcoat. This advanced non-weldable topcoat is abraided in areas to be welded using equipment certified by Serge Ferrari.Read More

Is Lightweight Manufacturing a public company?
Lightweight Manufacturing is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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