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Goodman Fielder corporate office is located in 118 Talavera Rd L 3, Macquarie Park, New South Wales, 2113, Australia and has 2,416 employees.

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Joan SmithGoodman Fielder
Joan SmithChief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Goodman Fielder Employees

How many employees does Goodman Fielder have?
Goodman Fielder has 2,416 employees
Who is the CEO of Goodman Fielder?
Goodman Fielder’s CEO is Joan Smith
Who is the CFO of Goodman Fielder?
Goodman Fielder’s CFO is Phillip Hart
Who are Goodman Fielder key employees?
Some of Goodman Fielder key employees are Bernard Duignan, Phillip Hart, Susan Milne
Where is Goodman Fielder located?
Goodman Fielder’s headquarters are located at 118 Talavera Rd L 3, Macquarie Park, New South Wales, 2113, Australia
How do I contact Goodman Fielder?
Goodman Fielder Contact Info: Phone number: +675 3082200 Website: www.goodmanfielder.com
What does Goodman Fielder do?

Goodman Fielder, Australia's largest food company, its offerings include consumer brands such as Leaning Tower frozen pizza, Meadow Fresh milk, White Wings cake mixes, and Praise salad dressings. The company also caters to the foodservice market with a platter of products, including oils, condiments, cheese, and desserts. Its Country Life, Edmonds... and Nature's Fresh and Pampas units make it the largest baker of breads and pastries in Australia and New Zealand. National Nominees Limited owns 22% of the company, J. P. Morgan Nominees Australia Limited owns 19%, and HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited owns 17%.Read More

Is Goodman Fielder a public company?
Goodman Fielder is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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