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Duncaster corporate office is located in 40 Loeffler Rd, Bloomfield, Connecticut, 06002, United States and has 187 employees.

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Kelly PapaDuncaster
Kelly PapaPresident & Chief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Duncaster Employees

How many employees does Duncaster have?
Duncaster has 187 employees
Who is the CEO of Duncaster?
Duncaster’s CEO is Kelly Papa
Who is the CFO of Duncaster?
Duncaster’s CFO is Lori Doyle
Who are Duncaster key employees?
Some of Duncaster key employees are Robert Leake, Lori Doyle, Betty Anderson
Where is Duncaster located?
Duncaster’s headquarters are located at 40 Loeffler Rd, Bloomfield, Connecticut, 06002, United States
How do I contact Duncaster?
Duncaster Contact Info: Phone number: (860) 380-5006 Website: www.duncaster.org
What does Duncaster do?

Duncaster, the Hartford area's first LifeCare community, is located minutes from West Hartford and Simsbury in Bloomfield CT. This boutique Life Plan Community sits on 94 acres. While catering to the active and engaged in independent living neighborhoods, Duncaster also offers options for those seeking assisted living, memory care, long-term care a... nd rehab services (all private) in intimate settings. Duncaster was voted the Best Retirement Community by readers of Hartford Magazine and the Connecticut Law Tribune. Residents have a role in governance and sit on the board - a rare distinction.Read More

Is Duncaster a public company?
Duncaster is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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