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DOHA International Consulting corporate office is located in 950 St, Doha, Baladiyat ad Dawhah, Qatar and has 31 employees.

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Nasser Al MarriDOHA International Consulting
Nasser Al MarriGroup Chief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding DOHA International Consulting Employees

How many employees does DOHA International Consulting have?
DOHA International Consulting has 31 employees
Who is the CEO of DOHA International Consulting?
DOHA International Consulting’s CEO is Nasser Al Marri
Who are DOHA International Consulting key employees?
Some of DOHA International Consulting key employees are Delnaz D'cruz, Ishan Faizal, Deepak Dic
Where is DOHA International Consulting located?
DOHA International Consulting’s headquarters are located at 950 St, Doha, Baladiyat ad Dawhah, Qatar
How do I contact DOHA International Consulting?
DOHA International Consulting Contact Info: Phone number: +974 44213131 Website: www.dohaconsulting.com
What does DOHA International Consulting do?

DIC continues to be a premier business and human resource management consulting and training firm which operates from the State of Qatar with free accessibility to the Gulf region. DIC was founded by experienced technical experts, business analysts and managers with extensive domain knowledge spanning multiple industries and technologies with more... than 25 years of individual multi-cultural expertise with leading multi-national firms within the management consulting, Government, Banking, Insurance and Telecom as well as Oil and Gas sectors. Since its inception the strength of the company lies in its employees - Industry experts who combine proven analytical methodologies with an extensive knowledge base of domestic and global market dynamics. Our professionals have a distinguished ability to customize international business practices to meet local business by overcoming culture needs in the areas of business strategy, process reengineering, organization design as well as human resource policy, system and practice improvement. Leveraging our experience in leading edge technologies and business operations, our consultants can identify opportunities and drive business excellence. In addition, DIC constantly seeks innovative ways to optimize today's most advanced tools to find new solutions for our clients. Our multinational consulting team and international alliance helps to develop and organize quality conferences, seminars plus courses and workshops that are customized to meet national, corporate and individual training and development needs in the areas of strategic leadership, executive communication, quality customer service and human resource management.Read More

Is DOHA International Consulting a public company?
DOHA International Consulting is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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