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Bird Group corporate office is located in E-9 Connought House Connaught Pl, New Delhi G.P.O., Nct, 110001, India and has 688 employees.

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Vidhan ChoubeyBird Group
Vidhan ChoubeyGroup Chief Executive Officer, New Projects-Bird
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bird Group Employees

How many employees does Bird Group have?
Bird Group has 688 employees
Who is the CEO of Bird Group?
Bird Group’s CEO is Vidhan Choubey
Who is the CFO of Bird Group?
Bird Group’s CFO is Srishti Savant
Who are Bird Group key employees?
Some of Bird Group key employees are Kamal Chakravarty, Sanjay Savant, Srishti Savant, Sathya Dinakaran, Anjul Kumar
Where is Bird Group located?
Bird Group’s headquarters are located at E-9 Connought House Connaught Pl, New Delhi G.P.O., Nct, 110001, India
How do I contact Bird Group?
Bird Group Contact Info: Phone number: +91 1123418199 Website: www.bird.in
What does Bird Group do?

Bird Group is a diversified company offering services in Travel Technology, Aviation Services, Hospitality, Retail and Education. The company is based in New Delhi, India.... Read More

Is Bird Group a public company?
Bird Group is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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