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Interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial, Investor Relations Officer & Human Resources Management
Founder, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Managing Principal
Senior Chief Executive Officer, Management & Chief Technology Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Cm Etc)
Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Planning Financial Management Sales Productivity
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Director, Member of the Sustainability, Governance & Risk Management Committee
Chief Executive Officer DeLuca Art [CFO Aeris Energy (Zero Emissions)] Solutions for Capital Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround Management
Managing Partner & Senior Finance
Hospital Executive. Hospital Chief Executive Officer. EBITDA Growth. Strategic Planning. Physician Recruitment and Retention. Patient Quality and Safety. Employee and Physician Engagement. Financial Management. Process Improvement
Managing Director, Finance & Investor Relations
Chief Financial Strategist & Managing Partner
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Interim City Manager & Chief Financial Officer
Managing Partner, Financial Planning Director
Managing Partner, Development and Finance
Chief Executive Officer, Supply Chain, Production & Financial Management Evanglist
Plant Management Senior VP & Chief Financial Officer
Manager, Acquisitions & Chief Financial Officer
Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Partner & Financial Advisor
Chief Financial Officer, Event & Concierge & Manager
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Management Company