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Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology
Assistant Professor, Director of Technology and Chief Information Officer
Assistant Professor and Associate Chief Marketing Officer
Assistant Professor
Assistant Provost, Institutional Research Data Management & Associate Professor
Professor, Section Director, Assistant Provost for Community Research
Assistant Professor, Controller
Professor of Education, Assistant Dean of Education, Associate Dean of Education, Associate Provost, Provost
Assistant Professor, Deputy Controller of Examination
Associate Professor In the College of Social Work, An Associate Dean and Assistant Provost In Undergraduate Education
Associate Provost, Digital Instruction & Non-Tenure-Track, Computer Science Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Finance and Deputy Controller
Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor of Legal Practice
Deputy Controller of Examination and Assistant Professor In CS
Interim Assistant Vice Provost, Resesarch Innovation & Associate Professor
Associate Professor (CSE) and Assistant Exam Controller
Assistant Professor and Examination Controller
Interim Assistant Provost, Civic Engagement & Associate Professor
Professor, Assistant Vice President of Global Education
Assistant Vice President & Shane Greenstein In The Management & Strategy Department Professor