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Looking to accelerate information technology lead generation but don’t know where to start?

We have contact information for tens of thousands of professionals in the IT space helping you sell to IT services and the CIO with accurate contact information and company insights.

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    Org Chart

    Leverage our information technology org charts to connect with the right buyer and increase your IT sales revenue, lead gen and prospecting.

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    Job Titles

    If you’re having trouble finding customers for IT services, start by using accurate job titles from Zoominfo. Save time with automated lists and increase your connect-to-call ratio in the information technology field.

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    Industry Alerts and Intent Data

    Identifying the right time to engage with IT sales buyers is never easy. With ZoomInfo IT industry alerts and intent data you’ll be alerted to increases in funding, technology changes, staffing and more.

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    Direct Contact Data

    Selling to the CIO or increasing your IT sales leads is never easy. Leverage Zoominfo’s vast database of direct contact data to make every call count and find the right buyer.

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Track News & Events for your target companies


Get alerted to leadership changes in your target organizations


Identify industry trends by following new projects and funding

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