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WestWordVision has created a new relational database for the Event Line as part of the Genis Factor® methodology. The Event Line maps significant events that have shaped organizations and regions, turning historical narrative into science by showing the connectedness of events and their combined impact on the future. Now the Event Line is available to our clients in database format. The prototype was developed with SpireWirk, a regional development consultancy, as part of a supply chain profile and asset inventory for Innovation Frontier Southwest, an economic and cultural region that spans from Yuma, Arizona to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Event line traced the birth and evolution of the region's security and defense industry, complementing SpireWirk's research by providing a context from 1845 through today. Our first task was to identify specific events that most significantly shaped the region's security and defense industry. We identified 115 events and organized them into six chapters. Each event was then put into historical context through identification of other concurrent social, political, economic and environmental factors. Next, we extrapolated the relevance of the event, its impact on the region, the industry and/or other systems. Finally, we examined what historical assets each of the key events yielded. This information was captured in the database narrative, delivering the region's historical context in a scientific manner. Once we placed an event into its context and identified its relevance using historic evidence, we were able to record the specific security and defense assets that were yielded for the region. The database narrative can be examined as an interconnected chain of events (red bar below is the event chain) through time. In this way, we can see how the events have shaped and impacted the region.

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