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At Superior Shine, we go above and beyond typical verification and vetting processes. Our team members are hired through a multiple interaction meeting process with the intention of retaining those who are teachable, honest, and joyful workers. During the 1ST interaction meeting, we look at the potential candidate for the right character that will reflect our companies mission. After the 1st IM we run an in-house background check which highlights the candidate's previous 10 years. This background check includes criminal history as well as credit history. This is vital because an individual may interview well, but that doesn't mean that first impressions are always correct. It takes a third-party vetting partner to find out if there is something else lurking. If their background checks out, a 2nd interaction meeting is scheduled as soon as possible. During the 2nd IM we delve deeper into their character through a reaction vs. response questionnaire, highlighting hypothetical scenarios and whether they have been a mature contributor in past work experiences. This process also highlights what kind of life events they have had, or are currently going through and whether they can make tactful approaches towards interpersonal relationships. If we see positive symmetry and a consistent pattern of maturity, we then will schedule a 3rd interaction meeting. The 3rd interaction meeting consists of us revisiting many subject specific bullet-points from the previous IM's to confirm consistency in presentation, mannerisms and information. This helps us to be sure that this prospect is all they've made themselves out to be. If at this point, we believe that we've got the strongest possible candidate, we submit their information to a third-party company we partner with.

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