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Chemicals & Related Products · South Korea · 1,571 Employees

OCI was established in South Korea in 1959. OCI creates chemical products with a focus on green energy solutions.Read More

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94 Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04532, South Korea
Phone Number

Phone Number

(210) 531-8600
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Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Glass & GasesManufacturingOCI Company's Social MediaPopular SearchesOci Company LtdDCC (Shanghai) Co. LtdOci CoSIC Code 28,281NAICS Code 32,325Show More

OCI Company Org Chart

View OCI Company org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about OCI Company organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Thina Thina - the Chief Executive Officer of OCI Company, and followed by additional decision makers: Jan Neveu, President, and Larry Ostertag, President.
Thina Thina
Thina Thina

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Neveu
Jan Neveu


Larry Ostertag
Larry Ostertag



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Company Insights
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Employee Growth Rate
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Oct 22, 2010


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding OCI Company

Where is OCI Company located?
OCI Company's headquarters are located at 94 Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04532, South Korea
What is OCI Company's phone number?
OCI Company's phone number is (210) 531-8600
What is OCI Company's official website?
OCI Company's official website is www.oci.co.kr
What is OCI Company's Revenue?
OCI Company's revenue is $3.4 Billion
What is OCI Company's SIC code?
OCI Company's SIC: 28,281
What is OCI Company's NAICS code?
OCI Company's NAICS: 32,325
How many employees does OCI Company have?
OCI Company has 1,571 employees
What industry does OCI Company belong to?
OCI Company is in the industry of: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Glass & Gases, Manufacturing
What companies has OCI Company acquired?
OCI Company has acquired the companies: cpdteam.com
Who is the CEO of OCI Company?
OCI Company's CEO is Harlow Eichler
How do I contact OCI Company?
OCI Company contact info: Phone number: (210) 531-8600 Website: www.oci.co.kr
What does OCI Company do?

OCI was established in South Korea in 1959. OCI creates chemical products with a focus on green energy solutions.... Read More

What are OCI Company social media links?
OCI Company Linkedin page OCI Company Facebook page OCI Company Twitter page
Is OCI Company a public company?
OCI Company is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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